Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription Box July 2021 Review

Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription Box July 2021
Fuego Hot Sauce Subscription Box July 2021

Some people aren’t particularly fond of hot sauce. Their excuse is they taste the same. Ha! Each new assortment from Fuego Box hot sauce subscription that I sample has such unique twists on hot pepper sauce recipes such as this latest box with the July 2021 assortment.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

I am starting to think that this hot sauce subscription box tuned into my thoughts because Fuego Box sent another kind of Supernova hot sauce. Since I am already a fan of their Smoky Chipotle, I was more than excited to taste their Garlic Jalapeno hot sauce. As you might guess, this Supernova was first on my list to try on my scrambled eggs. I was in my element enjoying its mild heat and delightful tangy balance with its garlic and jalapenos to apples and turmeric to set it off.

Sami Sauce from Jabco Services is a traditional Louisiana style hot sauce with more delicious thickness and intriguing layers of zesty flavor from its select spices that add a certain richness to compliment a variety of different dishes through its medium heat. This one was really good on grilled chicken.

Spicy Cayenne from Revved Up is a brown sort of hot pepper and garlic sauce with habanero peppers to its molasses and Worcestershire to darken it. I found this one packs more intense medium to hot heat as well as plenty of great flavor once the taste buds return. I added some of this versatile hot sauce to my homemade spaghetti sauce and it was very good.

If what I describe has you licking your lips or changing your mind about hot sauce in general, then you may be thinking of subscribing. The price to subscribe to this hot sauce subscription is $29.95 per Fuego Box with no extra charge for shipping within the United States. You also get a card on each hot sauce and how best to use them so check their website out.

My advice is visit Fuego Box and subscribe. You can also read my other reviews such as Fuego Box June 2021 to get more information. Trust me though, I am confident that you will love them.


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