How to Buy a Hair Dryer That’s Best for Your Needs

Hair Dryer
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You might be considering shopping for a new hair dryer in the near future. Before you pluck down money to buy, there are some important things to keep in mind based on what you need that hair dryer to do for your hair styling. For ultimate hair happiness, let me share some helpful tips on how to buy the perfect hair dryer that you’ll be happy with.

The first thing you need to ask yourself is what add-ons the hair dryer that you’re thinking of has. You may have curls or some wave to your hair and want to make most of them. If so, a diffuser is extra valuable to find in that hair dryer box.

Another hair dryer attachment that is important to all hair types is a concentrator nozzle. This add-on really makes all the difference by concentrating air flow in areas as your hair dries instead of scattering the hair randomly for a more polished finish. You can also create more volume at the roots with this little tool.

If you want an easier time styling your hair, the size of a concentrator nozzle does matter. Just remember that a wide concentrator nozzle is best for thick, hard to dry hair. This type of nozzle can speed hair drying up. On the other hand, a narrow nozzle is what will work better for those with curly hair and waves like mine.

When comparing hair dryer models, I like to find one with multiple settings. The minium that you should you aim for is one that has at least three heat options for heat, warm and cool settings. You also need at least two speeds in a hair dryer before you buy.

What else I found essential is a cool-shot button before I buy a new dryer. I found that shooting those final blasts of cold air when using my round ceramic brushes does the trick to lock in a curl and seal hair cuticles to add more shine.

Some people don’t mind how heavy their hair dryer is to hold while blow-drying. However, I am not one of them due to my small wrists. I once had a very expensive hair dryer that had everything else that I wanted, but felt like I was holding an iron weight in my hands that tired me out. Now I check the weight first so the hair dryer is hopefully less than two pounds.

Handle comfort is another feature you should think about. Is the middle where the hand will be too thick to keep your hand positioned there for too long? Does it indent or slim toward the center of the handle for easier handling? Are the buttons in a bad position to hurt your hand while holding it?

Cord length is also extremely important when you buy a dryer. You know where you’ll be drying your hair at and plug location. Therefore, the cord of model that you’re considering needs to reach the distance you need. You’ll save yourself trouble later trying to find another spot if you remember to keep that in mind.

With any luck, these few quick tips on how to buy the best hair dryer will make you love that new hair dryer more.


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