Remote Work Strategies for Smoother Days and More Productivity

Remote Work

Many more people have been working from home as a result of this pandemic. While some companies have called their workers back to the office, others have a choice to continue to work from home or now find this temporary move transitioned into a permanent change. With all the demands we have on us between family and the office, making it work from home is your upmost concern. So here is some beneficial work from home productivity strategies that can help balance between the two to take some pressure off of you during remote work.

One of the best things that you can do is to structure your day. Instead of just going with the flow, make a schedule. Put what needs to be done for each day on paper or a spreadsheet by order of importance. Every time you complete a task, check it off along with the time it took to finish to measure your remote work from home productivity. You just may notice more free time than you thought while accomplishing more.

Zero in on the time of day that usually is the most productive. Maybe you get the most done early in the morning when your energy level is the highest. Take advantage of that time of day for scheduling in what you know are the most challenging tasks.

Depending on your employer, you may not have the freedom to take a break at will for those times when hunger sets in. Then again, your break may be limited to 15-minutes that you want to use just to visit the bathroom before signing back on. If this is your remote work situation, then eating a bigger and more nutritious breakfast is important to keep energy levels up to focus.

Being on the clock like that with limited bathroom breaks and 30-minutes for lunch passes more quickly than you may realize. Therefore, it helps to prepare ahead in the morning with a sandwich wrapped and ready to grab in your refrigerator and drink along with your coffee maker loaded and ready to push. Cottage cheese, yogurt, tuna salad, hard-boiled eggs also are nutritious and satisfying ways for lunch ideas. What else is a great idea is to have leftovers such as casseroles in microwave containers ready to pop into the microwave. Have fruits cleaned and ready to eat in a fruit bowl on the table.

Feeling cut off from others that normally you would have connected with at the office and outside world also can be problems for some people for remote work and home productivity. Nonetheless, you can still cope now using video chats while this pandemic is still going strong. When we finally achieve herd immunity is the time to get out again during that scheduled free time to spend having fun with family and friends.

Don’t fall into a rut and neglect your appearance or physical well-being because it can decrease productivity when you work from home. Make it a point to still take the same pride in your appearance in how you dress and groom because when you feel your best helps you do your best.

On the same note, sitting all day is not healthy. Schedule a short walk or exercise for as little as 15-minutes can improve circulation, fitness and mood to help with work from home productivity.

Despite the distractions that always seem to pop up when doing remote work, you can come out ahead with these work from home strategies for productivity.


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