How to Reboot Your Mind and Body for Self Improvement (7 Tips)

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Living through our first pandemic put us through a lot this year. We were forced to be cooped up inside this winter, which took a toll on our bodies through weight gain as well as our minds due to extra stress and financial uncertainty that it also caused. If there was ever a time for self improvement with a mind and body reboot, it is now. Here are some helpful tips that can give you back your mojo.

Summer and sunshine are perfect motivators to get us outside and enjoy warm weather activities for self improvement. For instance, you can go swimming, biking, play tennis, baseball, volleyball, etc. and easily stay at that form of aerobic activity for 30 minutes without associating it with the need to exercise. The reason this length of time matters is because you are stimulating the brain to release lots of mood-lifting and happy endorphins in conjunction with the body’s opioid system. A wonderful sense of calm takes over, confidence builds from transforming your body to gaining extra energy that you may have previously lacked to better sleep. In fact, the longer that you keep it up, the better that your body can fight diseases since such physical activities tend to reduce inflammation that stem from many health problems.

Being exposed to nature also can help with self improvement. According to some fascinating studies, the scope and beauty of mountains, trees, oceans to the stars at night to the sun as it rises or sets have power to affect our emotions. Putting yourself in the midst of nature and its timeless wonders that you are a small part give a new respect for all that it is and your own body. As a result, you have more self-esteem and mental health benefits due to that connection. It often causes many to become more loving and considerate toward others in how it affects certain regions of the brain.

Summer is also prime time to take advantage of more fresh produce from farmers’ markets, roadside stands, your garden to a better selection of seasonal fruits and vegetables appearing locally in grocery stores. Eating more fruits and vegetables and less of unhealthier food choices pack in nutrients and help with slimming due to lower calorie counts for self improvement.

I love watching television and movies, but reading is what is better to help creativity and mind for increased self development. When viewing movies or tv, the characters, setting and plot unfold before you. However, reading fiction and taking in details of what the characters are like, the setting, the plot, etc. is what can power up critical thinking to visualize the words into pictures like your own movie as you envision it. Reading also improves memory. At the same time, it also can spark more compassion because of the depth of feelings it often can create reading about others and what they may be going through in novels.

With all that summer offers, there is never a better time for personal growth than now. Hopefully, you will take this post to heart and be healthier and happier for it.

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  1. Maryann D.
    August 25, 2021 / 2:29 am

    I do like this article on self improvement. I will try to follow all of this great advice!

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