The Reasons for Coarse Skin As You Age

Coarse Skin on Woman

Even though you still may be in your twenties and your face is free of wrinkles, you may be noticing that the texture of your skin may have changed and become coarse. If that is not bad enough, you also may discover that you have larger pores and lack that healthy glow your complexion formerly had. Here are the reasons for this unwelcome beauty development.

Unfortunately, aging slows the skin’s natural renewal process to handle that daily damage from the sun and environment for one. The reason those ultraviolet rays play such a major part in bringing about coarse skin is because the sun changes the structure of the proteins within the epidermis to suddenly clump. This results in elastic fibers that are so deep below the surface that give the skin that irregular coarse appearance. The skin can look thicker from how the skin cells stretch against the pores.

Inherited genes that are suddenly kicking in could also be another reason to explain coarse skin. One of your parents could have developed this coarse skin issue around the same age in life, which is even more likely for men.

As bleak as this may sound, there are steps that you can take to counteract coarse skin. To begin with, you need to help delayed cell turnover and speed up the skin’s cycle of renewal. Exfoliation is more important than ever if you hope to coax fresh skin cells to the surface. What it can do is soften that rough texture and refine the skin to make it softer and smoother while stimulating your natural radiance. You may also want to read my earlier post on how to prevent aging from the sun.

Though I don’t want to alarm you, there is another reason for coarse skin called solar elastosis. This is also from aging due to spending too much time in the sun. The only difference is this is a result of extensive sun damage and major wrinkling.

The best solution for improving solar elastosis is taking a more drastic form of exfoliation with laser resurfacing. You’ll also want to make it a mission never to step outside without sunscreen.


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