Up Your Coffee Game With Zodiac Girl Mystic Coffee

Mystic Coffee

Calling all coffee addicts! If you’re like me and can’t survive without great coffee, then stick around to read this review. I had the opportunity to select my choice of coffee from Zodiac Girl Coffee. With all the enticing varieties this company has to offer, it was hard to narrow down my selection being the coffee lover that I am. Needless to say, I finally decided on the Mystic Coffee since I normally prefer a lighter breakfast blend over dark roasts.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

To really get the most coffee flavor, I love grinding coffee beans. Therefore, I picked to order my Mystic Coffee in bean form over the grind choices. The company offers your preference of standard grind, espresso grind, French press grind, classic grind, and Turkish grinds.

In addition to savoring the flavor of any new coffee, I always make it a habit to clean out the coffee maker first with vinegar. To remove any of the glass carafe stains, I have a trick using salt that really deep cleans that pot as well.

As to the Mystic Coffee blend, it had fruity notes with walnuts, mild apple, slight raisins, and toffee added to the roasting process along with 100% Arabica coffee. To be honest, I thought it had a slight twinge of vanilla and nutty flavor to compliment its rich, delicious taste.

I have a special coffee spoon for measuring the amount I use for brewing each pot. When I made this coffee in the same way, I noticed it was slightly weaker than some other brands. However, this was easily remedied by adding just a bit more to make the perfect cup.

Besides the Mystic Coffee, this company also has some other interesting blends that I would also love to try among their other ten coffees. Each 12-oz. bag is $20.

Zodiac Girl Coffee also sells related merchandise from cups to sweatshirts. Those hoping to find the next great tasting blend may want to stop by this company’s website and try the Mystic coffee to start. I am confident that you will be glad that I introduced you to their brand.


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