9 Instant Ways to Transform Hair for New Beauty

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The state of our hair says a lot about us for our image to overall health. However, what we see on our heads from more dullness and hair with less volume to brittleness can be upsetting. For that reason, here are nine easy ways to transform that hair to new heights of beauty.

To begin with, think of all that we put our hair through during a typical week using countless styling products. Even though you may shampoo hair daily or use a dry shampoo to avoid washing the hair so frequently, there is still residue left behind mixing with natural hair oils. Regardless of what path you take to a product buildup, the hair still is dull from being coated and weighed down to appear thinner than normal. Ultimately, the first way to help the hair is remembering the importance of using a deep cleansing with a clarifying shampoo or a homemade beauty remedy with a mix of baking soda and shampoo weekly. Once you lift the barrier suffocating the pores of the hair, hair follicles have a chance to recover for new vitality and growth.

Here’s something else that you may not be aware of about if you tend to use a volumizing shampoo. Did you know that they have specialized thickening resins that contribute to the temporary effect of thickness? The problem is they were designed not to rinse out, which amounts to dull and flatter hair. The second way to restore hair beauty is to switch over to repairing shampoo that can coax damaged hair back and restore the shine.

Another instant way to fix the condition of the hair is with a bit of tender loving care once a week with a protein rich hair mask for some needed deep conditioning. You want to leave the product on for at least seven minutes or longer to give its nourishing ingredients time to do their work.

How we dry our hair has a great impact. It helps to air dry hair over subjecting it to extreme heat from a hair dryer to maintain its beauty. A heat protectant product before taking out your hair dryer can keep the strands healthier.

It always pays to avoid elastic bands, metal accessories, clip in hair extensions, barrettes, and bobby pins, which put a lot of straining on the strands. This weakens them in the process to contribute toward hair thinning.

Our hair is made of protein. Thus, you may to improve your diet with more protein rich foods and healthy fats to transform hair while curbing the intake of sugar and starches. Radical fad diets with hardly enough calories to feed a sparrow as well as juice cleanses only will make the hair suffer from insufficient nourishment.

Vitamins and minerals also can be of benefit to transform hair. Ones to check out are zinc, biotin and other B vitamins that have an industry standard mention on the label. In addition, vitamins A, E and C can also do wonders for the appearance of the hair.

Another useful trick to coax the hair back is by increasing circulation. Try massaging your scalp or getting some exercise can get blood flowing to the right areas and hair follicles.

Finally, problems with the beauty of hair also can signal an underlying health condition such as anemia. Making an appointment with your physician could possibly be another solution to transform the former glory of your hair.


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  1. Maryann D.
    August 29, 2021 / 4:43 am

    I find as I get older that my hair is thinning. I need to try the protein rich hair mask and also scalp massage.

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