Fuel Your Whole30 With Free Meat From Butcher Box

Whole30 Protein

For a really satisfying and healthy dish, you may want to try Butcher Box and the advantages of fueling your body the Whole30 way. This way of eating discourages processed foods, gluten and grains. Instead, Whole30 is eating just mainly protein such as the quality organic free meat that a meat subscription can introduce you too. As a #ButcherBoxPartner, I can tell you that now is the most opportune time to sign up for a Butcher Box subscription and begin that road to improved health with your first box of free organic meat that includes two pounds of organic ground beef up to three pounds of chicken breasts and one pack of their bacon with no added sugar!

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If there was ever a time that you want you and your family to stay healthy is now during this pandemic. Butcher Box does provide only 100% grass fed, free range organic chicken, humanely raised pork that is crate free, and wild-caught seafood. Let me assure you that Butcher Box can help with that goal with the quality and care of their organic meat that is free of antibotics, growth hormones compared to other meat fed animal byproducts.

Here is how Butcher Box works. There are five different boxes that you can choose from with four curated box options and one custom box where you select the choices of meat you want. All the meats are frozen and shipped in an eco-friendly and 100% recyclable box because this company goes the extra mile for the health of their customers and toward their role as trusty stewards of the planet.

This responsible company offers two sizes of boxes to select from. The standard curated box can be between 8-11 pounds of meat for $129. If your family is larger, then there is a big box with 16-22 pounds at $238 that might be a better option to keep your freezer stocked.

Then again, you may like making your own selection for the types of meat and cuts that you want in your box. If so, Butcher Box has a custom box to pick out steaks, chops, sausages, etc. that can bring you 9-14 lbs. with your choices for $149. The larger size custom box with 18-26 pounds runs $270. Regardless of your box preference, shipping is always free.

I can’t stress enough the importance of the healthiest protein and diet to keep your body’s defense as strong as possible, especially with cold weather approaching soon that can weaken the immune system as well as those variants of Covid-19.

Honestly, readers, you won’t understand the difference until experiencing this organic meat subscription. This FREE Butcher Box with the Whole30 bundle includes two pounds of organic ground beef up to three pounds of chicken breasts and one pack of their bacon with no added sugar. Hurry though because this deal lasts until September 6, 2021!

You also still have time to take avantage of the FREE first Butcher Box with burgers, hot dogs and chicken until September 5, 2021. You may want to read that post for more details.


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