Here’s Why You Really Want Your Beauty Sleep

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Getting the recommended eight hours of sleep may be ideal, but life often throws us curves to get us off track. Sometimes, it can be a problem that weighs heavily on our minds, a heavy workload and illness that can cause us to neglect our sleep. However, there is more involved when you miss your sleep than just dark circles, gaining weight to feeling like a mindless zombie the next morning that you should be aware of. Therefore, let me explain why you don’t want to neglect your beauty sleep if at all possible.

Lacking required sleep can alter how two specific hormones of gherlin and leptin that control the urge to eat and when to stop to such a degree making you fatter besides how it slows down your metabolism. As depressing as that is, lack of beauty sleep also tends to add the weight to your waistline in particular according to an interesting British study. In fact, researchers suggest that those subjects that had only had six hours of sleep gained about 1.2 inches in that area when measured. Think of it this way, continued bouts of missed sleep will have you shopping for new jeans, slacks, trousers, and skirts unless your old ones have elastic waistbands.

When you are starved for sleep, the effects also show on your face and not just the eye area due to insufficient nutrients circulating in your bloodstream. The result can be pale and duller skin than a healthier color. A continuing absence of sleep could also affect the aging process to make you look older. The reason is because during sleep particularly around ten p.m. to midnight is the time the body utilizes a growth hormone due to the body’s internal clock also known as your circadian rhythm for tissue and cellular repair and cell regeneration. This is why you can get more bang from night creams or serums with active ingredients when used at bedtime for the most benefits.

Something else to consider when neglecting your beauty sleep is how it affects your memory. You may think that you won’t be able to concentrate and focus on tasks in the same way. This is true. But, you’ll also have less of an ability to recall as many memories compared to others getting enough sleep since you’re missing those crucial hours the brain adjusts and rebuilds the inner components of its neural circuits.

Given all that I shared here should be reason enough to convince you of the importance of striving for that sleep. If you still have a hard time, you might find it helpful to read some of my earlier posts such as the best bedtime snacks for sleep to the value of my diy sleep promoting body rub. Your face, mind and general health will thank you.


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