Longevity Secrets: The Best Healthy Lifestyle to Extend Average Lifespan

Healthy Lifestyle to Extend Average Lifespan Woman Stretching Before a Run
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We all make choices in how we live our lives from the decisions we make for what foods to buy, relationships, employment, family life, how we handle money to the health of our bodies. In addition, heredity contributes a part that can help or hinder us with risk factors that are out of our control from age, race or potential to develop certain diseases. While this may be true, there are some basics for a healthy lifestyle that can change your chances to extend the average lifespan.

Healthy Lifestyle for How to Live Longer

One of the biggest killers is stress. How we deal with it on a daily basis matters to avoid early death from heart disease and strokes just to name a few. Some of us are better equipped when it comes to managing problems or even shrugging them off while others allow them to consume them. Those people with a type A personality that are too competitive, workaholic, impatient or get upset and blow up at the slightest thing have most to lose if that behavior continues. Nonetheless, learning to relax with practices like meditation and breathing can be the key to their salvation.

Blood pressure is more important than you may give it credit for to live longer. The best defense is keeping track of blood pressure and know what a healthy reading looks like. A good reading is seeing less than 120/80 mm Hg. Exercise can help when those numbers are slightly elevated, but you need to check with your doctor because high blood pressure medication may be needed.

Another healthy lifestyle to stretch the typical human lifespan is avoiding type 2 diabetes from being overweight. What compounds this problem is a risk from heredity and a sedentary lifestyle.

Watching the waistline has a lot to do with living longer. Belly fat is extremely dangerous in this area for causing serious health problems compared to that fat migrating to the lower body. Measuring the waistline periodically is more beneficial than constantly jumping on the scale if you hope to live well past your prime.

Something as simple as boning up on vitamin D foods or a supplement is a healthy step you might want to think about. Check before taking any supplement with your doctor first to avoid any problem of the vitamin interfering with your current prescriptions. Getting enough vitamin D is so crucial because without enough you can develop cardiovascular and autoimmune diseases. Spending just a little time in the sun can also help.

Extending average lifespan also involves not living life as a hermit. Get involved with others and take part in bettering lives of others in the community can be rewarding. The reason is because it can help manage stress and channel it more productively for improving long-term health and personal satisfaction.

Everyone has their own vices from too much coffee, sugar, etc. Some vices are worse such as smoking, too much alcohol and illegal drugs that can be deadly mistakes. Before a serious vice can become a problem seek help and treatment to save from becoming another statistic.

Last, but not least is aiming for eight hours of sleep. Take all these healthy lifestyle choices into account can be a simple way to prolong your lifespan and experience more days to live your best life.


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