The Guest List by Lucy Foley Mystery Book Review

The Guest List by Lucy Foley

If you enjoy a good murder mystery with a writing style that conjures up Agatha Christie without all the gruesome forensic details, The Guest List by Lucy Foley is another book I want to share with you. This one involves a wedding in Ireland of two extremely rich and famous people at a remote location where this book starts out with a murder among an elite, but carefully limited guest list, all with secrets to hide.

The bride is Jules Keegan, an ambitious magazine publisher that is known for her need for perfection in the glamorous lifestyle that she shows to the world. The groom is the magnetic, handsome Will Slater, a rising television star that also is determined to be the best.

Johnno is the best man that had hoped to co-anchor the outdoor exploration show along with Will until being passed over for just one star.

Olivia, is the bridesmaid that still has ghosts from her past haunting her from being her sister, Jules’ idea of the perfect bridesmaid and sister.

Aoife is the wedding planner and owner of the secluded manor house where the guests are staying. She also has gone out of her way to see to every detail even if not making as big of a profit as hoped.

Then there is Charlie, who was a close friend to Jules before marrying Will. Hannah, his wife and plus one, rounds out the cast.

After the murder happens on the night of the wedding, the novel changes points of view from a different character’s standpoint throughout the book. Some may find that changing points of view could be a bit confusing at times in how it keeps the suspense slowly evolving until figuring out the name of the killer.

I liked it because it was an easy read that kept me entertained with this whodunit mystery at a fancy event with guests that all had a motive. If this, sounds like the type of fun mystery that you may enjoy then check out The Guest List by Lucy Foley.


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