Unlock Beauty Magic: 20 DIY Hacks When Your Products Run Dry

woman trying diy beauty hacks
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Sometimes, it can simply slip our minds to pick up a beauty product that we might need until later reaching for it. Though inconvenient, there are 20 diy beauty hacks that can substitute for that beauty product until you have an opportunity to shop once more. If you’re curious as to what types of odd alternatives that I have for you, then read further because these will get you by better than you think.

Many of us can’t live without eyelash serum for thicker and healthier lashes. The next time you run out, try dabbing a tiny bit of castor oil on them. The secret is selecting a pure form without other ingredients or oils that could interfere with its work. The reason castor oil can substitute for one of these 20 diy beauty hacks is because it prevents eyelash breakage while its nourishing fatty acids, namely ricinoleic acid revitalizes the look of those lashes once it reaches the skin.

Before you begin, you might want to test rubbing some castor oil on your inner wrist the previous night to see if there is any redness or irritation first. If everything is fine, then after washing your face just get a cotton swab and rub a small amount of the castor oil along the lash line. I found that using it over a period of months does seem to help the growth of lashes. However, there is no scientific evidence to that, but try it and see because it certainly helped me.

You can also use that same castor oil under your eyes as your eye cream or eye serum when you neglect to restock. Just remember, but a tiny bit goes a long way.

Running out of moisturizers can be difficult, especially if you have dry skin. Nevertheless, there are some wonderful diy beauty substitutions that can help bring your skin comfort such as turning to coconut oil, cocoa butter, olive oil, and almond oil to rub sparingly in.

For those with sensitive skin, try using Crisco shortening. This highly lubricating product has a thicker cream consistency that makes it also perfect as a night cream with the way it glides on while being free of allergens.

Anyone with an oily complexion or prone to acne should try safflower oil with all its antioxidants and anti-inflammatory power. This will soothe and hydrate without contributing more problems to saturate your skin with excess oil or clog the pores as some others might since it is noncomedogenic.

Oily skin can also benefit from the right toner to help balance the skin. When you run out, I suggest trying some apple cider vinegar and water. You’ll find my oily skin toner recipe here.

Something that may surprise you is how applying castor oil to the skin may help an acne problem due to its antiseptic, anti-inflammatory and moisturizing capabilities.

The next time that you run out of an anti-aging product for wrinkles, another of these 20 diy beauty hacks will also shock you. Nonetheless, you should try substituting some eye cream or neck cream in those wrinkled spots such as near your lips or forehead. Gently pat the cream in the wrinkles you want to treat for the best results. The reason eye or neck creams are so potent is because they are formulated to be richer and more hard working to penetrate more delicate sections of the face, which makes them formidable enemies of more serious wrinkles.

Did you forget to pick up another hair conditioner? If so and you don’t have time to make a diy hair conditioner recipe, then good old mayonnaise or coconut oil makes another of these ideas for diy beauty hacks. You can also use some olive oil in the same way, wrap some cling wrap around your head and keep on until shampooing. By the way, you can pull out your hair dryer to gently heat up those wrapped strands to help the oil penetrate more deeply like a hot oil hair treatment.

Smoothing cream for hair is something important for those with curls since it controls frizz. Try a mix of hair conditioner and styling gel the next time you find that you are out of the product can save your hair from disaster.

Another of these 20 diy beauty hacks is using coconut oil or olive oil for an eye makeup remover. They have nice glide and can serve the purpose until you buy another.

If you find that you’re suddenly out of blush, you can make do just by dabbing some lipstick on your cheeks.

You can also make your own diy tinted moisturizer and your own luminous foundation with these diy beauty hacks. In addition, you can create a shimmery body lotion when the need arises.

There is a great deal more of these homemade beauty substitutions that I can share, but this is enough for now. Don’t worry because I will share more of them with you in a future post. If you have any more substitutes when running out of those beauty products, please share here.


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