Fearless Living and How to Take More Risks

Fearless Living and How to Take More Risks
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Have you noticed that some people are braver than others when it comes to taking chances in their lives? If you find yourself among the others that are afraid of stepping outside of your comfort zone when new challenges arrive, then you also may have missed some wonderful opportunities out of that self-imposed sense of fear. Fearless living is about learning to push yourself beyond what may make you uneasy with new strength once you tap into what was always within you in the first place.

Thinking in this fashion involves taking a close look at what type of things or events make you nervous during an average day. For instance, you may be afraid to give your honest opinion to your boss, friends, spouse, boyfriend, girlfriend, in-laws, etc. because they don’t take well to criticism. On the other hand, you may have been told growing up that you wouldn’t make a great salesman or succeed in a career that is hard to break into like acting that caused you to not even try to apply for such positions. Then again, you may never have taken up some hobbies or classes because you assumed you weren’t capable of having those talents or physical capabilities to bother trying.

In order to break this destructive cycle, you need to take a risk. You need to start with your smallest fear that is holding you back and conquer it first for fearless living. Once you do and start taking baby steps at a time, you gain more self confidence and courage to attempt something harder that you fear when the next challenge surfaces.

Use the fear to your advantage as a motivator to spur new behavior to come out ahead in life. If those pursuits aren’t enough to make you nervous, then you’re limiting yourself and allowing that fear to still control you. Instead, you may want to reach higher than the goal you’re aiming for. For example, there may be a higher paying position that you could apply for. However, you already dismissed it with the level of skills that you may not have yet. Nonetheless, you could remedy that by taking a class or learning from one online and gain those skills before the interview or the completion of the hiring process. After all, it can take weeks and several interviews before being hired.

Of course, you can just as easily use that fear to take more personal risks as well. You may have gotten a divorce and would like to date again. The only problem is that fear of being rejected or just out the dating game has stopped you. Rather than have that fear dominant, you can use it to motivate you toward self-improvement with your appearance.

If you fail at anything, you need to try again. You won’t ever succeed without taking risks first for fearless living.


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