How to Fit Exercise Into a Busy Schedule Without Noticing

How to Fit  in More Exercise in a Busy Day Walking Stairs
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Many of us aren’t as devoted to physical fitness as others. We may be too tired after a long day of work, lazy or simply lack the motivation to get fit. However, there are some useful ways to slip some exercise in an average day without noticing that can definitely help get benefit your body and health. If you don’t believe me, then here is how to fit in exercise into a busy schedule without even thinking about it.

Start the first thing in the morning while brushing your teeth. While going through that process, try to take advantage and do a leg lift. Give the left leg a turn and hold for about 10 seconds and then rotate to the right leg. Continue this simple exercise for as long as it takes for you to finish with your teeth.

The next way to fit more exercise in a busy schedule is while you are at your desk or just sitting watching some television, reading or whatever. What you should do is holding your stomach muscles in for about five seconds or so before unclenching those abs. Repeat this little isometric exercise about six times each day can really pay off.

If you want to easily tone up your booty, clench in those glutes can also help firm the backside. Hold the muscles in for about five seconds as well before unclenching. Repeat this exercise about six times too.

Something as boring as cleaning the house can be another way in how to fit in more exercise in a busy schedule just by moving faster. An excellent way is to put some music on with an energetic beat to it and try to keep up with your movements. In time, you’ll discover the particular songs for your cleaning play list that you move well too while doing your cleaning dance. This may sound stupid, but the music does distract the mind from the dreary task of cleaning.

You may never think that cooking is another way that you can fit in more exercise in a busy day. Nevertheless, you can use your kitchen countertop for support for doing a few pliés in between stirring or whatever you are doing in the kitchen. As you rest your hand on the counter, stand straight with heels together, feet straight ahead, and bend knees. You want to keep your back as straight as possible while doing this. Try six or more of these repetitions.

Have you ever noticed how much trouble people go through trying to find a parking space close to the entrance of where you want to shop? Instead of driving around in circles and going up and down the aisles of cars searching for a space, try pulling into the first spot and walk further. To increase the health and exercise benefits, try stepping up your pace to get your heart rate up.

When at work or at home, lunchtime is the perfect opportunity to fit in more physical activity in a busy schedule. If you don’t bring a lunch, try picking a restaurant further from your workplace is helpful way to sneak fitness in, especially if you walk faster. You’ll also gain more time to complete errands while doing something good for your body.

Those at home can make a routine out of quick walk or jog around the block to doing some yard work such as raking or gardening. You don’t have to waste all that much time, but this outdoor activity is exercise that can still make a difference to count over the long run.

Taking the stairs instead of the elevator at work burns calories and contributes to overall fitness. To increase the exercise benefits and more calories burned, the faster that you walk plays into that equation. You may be surprised at how many calories that you burn in a day just rushing up and down.

When it comes down to it, these are just a few ways in how to fit in more exercise into a busy schedule without noticing that can help improve your health and figure. Read my earlier post with some other ways to make exercise more fun instead of a tedious chore.


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