Instagram Stress 2021: What Craziness Is Going on?


About a week ago, I posted how Instagram bots deactivated my business account after logging in and out after a power failure too quickly. Therefore, I set up a personal account. Believe it or not, I used this account for about three days now and already am locked out due to suspicious activity. What kind of Instagram craziness is this now about to cause more stress?

I was on Instagram for about a half an hour. I followed a few companies and tagged a few friends. Where is so strange about that? Is entering a giveaway on that site now suspicious? However, the screen said the account was now locked to suspicious activity and to log in through the Instagram app to get back in.

If you also get this message, do not believe it. I did as instructed, but guess what? I am still seeing the screen to log in through the Instagram app, which I just did. I tried several times, but I kept getting the same message to log in through the Instagram app to add to my daily share of stress. What sort of Instagram craziness is going on?

Instagram Screen Shot

Another thing that I did notice was some of the people that I usually tag have also vanished suddenly. In fact, I tagged one friend that I always tag and thought that she just changed her photo until closer inspection. She didn’t update her photo. The woman that I just tagged had my friend’s Instagram handle but was of a different race.

I had been using Instagram for several years and never ran into problems until about two months ago until this craziness started to add my stress. I needed to change my password eight times. Then my business account got deactivated for no reason. Then about three days later after using my personal account that I get locked out and can’t log back in?

Somewhere online I read that Instagram was trying to purge smaller business accounts in 2021, which may explain my business account being deactivated to cause this unneeded stress. But why lock out a fresh personal account and not let you log back in despite following their direction yet again? Instagram is starting to make the use of their app a waste of time.

I honestly can’t understand this Instagram craziness 2021. It almost feels like they are trying to discourage people from using them anymore.

Have you had any Instagram craziness happen to you lately? If so, please share because what they are doing does not make any sense to me.

How great is computer technology I ask you with how perfectly it works?



  1. tat2gurlzrock
    September 10, 2021 / 3:38 pm

    Well you already know what happened to me. And it has been happening to a lot of people. I don’t know what their problem is but they need to fix it. Of course Facebook is their partner in crime so to speak and they are equally ridiculous anymore. Maybe worse. It is like walking on thin ice there. I have been in FB jail multiple times over nothing.. so have many of my friends and if they can’t find anything on you they will dig up posts from 10 years ago.. which was fine at the time but now it is against “community standards” now. Well it wasn’t an issue a decade ago. I hope you can get this resolved and am so sorry you are dealing with this headaches Mary. I am watching on IG for your name and will let you know if I see something.

    • nuts4stuff
      September 12, 2021 / 9:34 am

      Bothering with Instagram is starting to be a real joke with how nothing seems to work or lack of human contact. I know that I did nothing wrong.

      • tat2gurlzrock
        September 14, 2021 / 2:42 pm

        I didn’t see you do anything wrong either. This is just stupid.. period.

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