Kimtrue Hair Care Products Review for Beautiful Hair

Kimtrue Hair Care Products

Kimtrue Laboratories reached out to see if I was interested in trying their products. Though I never heard of this LA-based company, I am always on the lookout for exciting new products that may outdo the ones that I use. Naturally, I couldn’t resist. In return, Kimtrue sent a variety of hair care products I guarantee that you’ll love if my beautiful hair is an indication of what to expect.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

The first of their hair care products I sampled was the Kimtrue Amino Acid Shampoo with Keratin. The golden nectar of enriching ingredients in its mix of alpha amino acid proteins such as alanine, aspartic acid, hydrolyzed keratin, royal jelly, lanolin, and squalene as the stars of this formula help in moisturizing, strengthening and returning shine.

Kimtrue Hair Care Products Amino Acid Line with Keratin

To me, I could swear that I detected a lovely sunflower scent in this shampoo. Furthermore, this product foamed up well using just a small amount that I dispensed from its pump, which is another quality

After I rinsed, I used the matching Kimtrue Silky Smooth Conditioner with Lanolin. The product was a thicker, but ideal consistency with an incredible lineup of amino acids, royal jelly, etc. for moisturizing, adding gloss, elasticity, and softness. It also untangled the knots my hair gets in no time, which made me happy.

Once I finished blow-drying my hair, I was impressed with Kimtrue Amino Acid with Kertain Shampoo and Conditioner. My hair was shinier, soft and manageable. I am not talking about so softly that your hair is limp and hard to style. No, this hair care duo seemed to keep my hair more in place even without a styling product.

Later, I patted on a few drops of the Kimtrue Ultra Treatment Hair Oil. This stuff is like hair food for starving strands with keratin, vitamin E, squalene, allantoin, and panthenol for how this product nourishes hair. I thought that my hair couldn’t look too much better until applying this non-greasy oil. It is ideal also for dealing with frizz.

The Kimtrue Amino Acid Shampoo with Sea Salt is the second of their hair care line that I tried. This green blend also has fruit extracts, Gentiana scabra from a Japanese flower that has wonderful moisturizing properties, Polygonum multiflorum root extract to help encourage the health of hair follicles to spur growth, amino acids and alkyl glucosides, which are gentle healthier surfactants for cleaning while strengthening the hair among its other ingredients. The fresh smelling formula also is sulfate and paraben free!

Kimtrue Hair Care Products Amino Acid Line with Sea Salt

To follow up, I had the matching Kimtrue Seaweed Extract Conditioner that has some awesome beautiful hair making power due to its choice bladderwrack (the seaweed), hydrolyzed wheat protein and D panthenol for moisturizing the scalp and hair, helping repair damage while contributing a great shine just to name a few.

Let me tell you that this hair shampoo produces ample foam without the need to keep pumping it out from its dispenser. At the same time, the conditioner is a rich consistency instead of a watery thin formula that does seem to penetrate rather quickly to benefit hair from the results I’ve seen just keeping it on a few minutes. It also handled the knotting problem my thick hair gets easily. After I finished styling, I noticed how soft, gleaming and more manageable my hair became.

I also was sent a package with the Kimtrue Repair Hair Mask with macrocystis pyrifers (kelp), which is chalked full of vitamins and minerals for healing damage, moisturizing, strengthening for coaxing the luster back. The product has 15 separate treatment packets for $12.99. The next time that I shampooed, I rinsed and applied one packet to my damp hair. The directions said to apply from roots to the ends of the hair while leaving on for just three minutes. I left it on a bit longer for about 10 minutes to maximize the benefits and really loved the healthy transformation it gave my hair.

If you are searching for some gentle and effective hair care products that will take your hair to the next level, I strongly encourage you to check out the company’s website and these products. The price of the shampoos and conditioners are $19.99 for the larger 500ml size while the smaller 80ml size is $6.99.


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