Review: Floral Street Sunflower Pop Perfume Can Brighten Your Day

Floral Street Sunflower Pop Perfume

If you want a perfect way to brighten your day, then you need to check out the latest vegan perfume from Floral Street with their Sunflower Pop. This new unisex fragrance reminds me of bottled sunshine in their new fruity floral that was inspired by Vincent van Gogh’s masterpiece of Sunflowers.

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Floral Street Sunflower Pop opens with a fresh citrus burst of Mandarin orange, passion fruit and bergamot. Together the notes awaken your senses with a vibrant energy.

As the Floral Street Sunflower Pop eau de parfum warms, it takes on a bubbly floral quality in the heart from the mix of bellini, plum blossom and orris. Adding the bellini with its fruity blend of peach, apple, orange, lemon, pear and traces of sparkling Champagne contribute that punch of zesty juiciness to those blooming floral notes. The plum blossom lends lovely flowery sweetness while the orris with its powdery violet aspects enriches this fragrance with an uplifting velvet elegance that feels dewy fresh as if those petals are reaching for the sun.

Floral Street Sunflower Pop Back of Perfume

With base notes of honey, amber and musk, the Floral Street Sunflower Pop perfume finishes with a delectable gourmand touch to give this fragrance such distinction in how it gently seduces without trying. As if you fell asleep in a field of blooming sunflowers, you awake feeling just as beautiful from that warmth and happiness that is so hard to resist.

This Sunflower Pop bottle and packaging are striking. This particular one has sunflowers blooming to adorn your vanity as well like an object of art.

Those floral fragrance lovers that want toned down sweetness from floral would welcome Sunflower Pop and its exciting joyous spirit. My recommendation is to stop by the company’s website and explore this memorable fragrance because it will delight you. It retails for 0.34 oz. for $30, $78 for the 1.7 oz. And $129 for the 3.4 EDP spray.


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