Why High Protein Vegetarian Meals From Splendid Spoon Are Worth the Money

High Protein Vegetarian Meals from Splendid Spoon


How many of us can honestly say that we go to extra lengths to always eat healthy meals? Let’s face it, we often grab what is easy to cook or reheat because of lack of time or energy. In doing so, we can shortchange ourselves and family with less than nutritious food choices that could later impact our health and figure in the wrong way. For this reason, here is why high protein vegetarian meals from Splendid Spoon home meal delivery service are worth the money and make an ideal holiday gift for those you love.

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Take this pandemic that we’re still suffering through and probably will continue to since some people refuse to get vaccinated. Instead of trying to defeat this virus, their stubbornness will only create new, stronger strains that could target immune systems even of the vaccinated. Therefore, strengthening our immune systems with high protein vegetarian meals such as what Splendid Spoon serves up is especially important if we expect to keep healthy.

You may think that this is a bunch of hype, but I really love the quality and taste of what Splendid Spoon creates. Equally important is how satisfying their high protein vegetarian meals, smoothies to wellness shots are that makes nutritious eating delicious over some bland plant-based dishes you may have tasted in the past.

Through Splendid Spoon, I gained a greater appreciation of their food combinations and spicing in their recipes that I never would have dreamed would taste so amazing. For instance, here is what I savored in this new shipment from their home meal delivery service.

High Protein Vegetarian Meals Bowls


The Vegan Meatballs in Marina Sauce is something that you should not miss sampling. These vegan meatballs have soy protein, pumpkin seeds, Parmesan cheese, and spinach against a bed of noodles and creamy tomato sauce. When you place an order, double up on this choice because it is that awesome.

Next, I sampled a new grain bowl with their Kimchi Fried Quinoa. Kimchi is a sort of pickled cabbage fried along with edamane, turmeric and quinoa that made this dish quite good. I had half for lunch and the other half for dinner and was satisfied.

The Creamy Mushroom and Spinach bowl has a lot to offer tastewise with its spinach, mushrooms, coconut milk, rice noodles, cashews, and peas along with garlic, oregano, and red pepper. The cashews add a delectable soft, sweet chew to this dish.

The Roasted Brussels Sprouts bowl has walnuts, quinoa, Brussels sprouts in a flavorful sauce with currants and Dijon mustard. Believe it or not, I usually avoid Brussel sprouts until rediscovering them now with a higher opinion after having this dish.

Another new addition to the Splendid Spoon soup bowl lineup is Lentil and Kale. Anyone that loves lentils and kale as much as I would enjoy the hearty warmth this filling soup provides. Rosemary, curry powder, cinnamon, and black pepper lend a unique flavor that was wonderful.

Of all the Splendid Spoon smoothies that I have tried, the one that is tops in my book is their new Coffee Frappe. This one has banana, coconut cream, almond butter, pea protein, cold brew coffee, coconut nectar, and maca. Believe it or not, the drink can pass as a creamy, thick milkshake or a dessert. It is on the thick side so I like to clean out the bottle with a little milk to capture every delicious drop to help thin it just a bit. When you go to order, you should get a few of these because they are just that good!

High Protein Vegetarian Meals Smoothies and Wellness Shots


Maybe I was a bit too rash, but another new favorite smoothie that also won my heart was the Splendid Spoon Raspberry Cacao flavor. This one is dessert like too, with raspberry, banana, coconut nectar, pea protein, vanilla, and cacao among its ingredients. You can taste the prominence of how the raspberries and bananas against the cacao come through, which is so good. I would definitely try this one and double up.

As pleasant way to get in the fall spirit is with the Splendid Spoon Pumpkin Spice Smoothie.  It  has cinnamon, pumpkin, cloves and holiday spices to its apple juice, almond butter and pea protein. This is a thicker smoothie that I also like to thin down just a tad with some milk.

High Protein Vegetarian Meals Smoothies

New to their Smoothie family is the Coconut Lime Smoothie that has coconut cream, lime juice, cashew butter, avocado, coconut nectar, chard juice, and spirulina. This is slightly not as sweet due to the lime juice, but a delicious blend with how the coconut flavor contributes its own tropical sweetness.

The Strawberry Chocolate Smoothie is a thicker smoothie shake that pea protein, cacao, strawberry, bananas, coconut cream, dates, etc. that also is sensational. It is a thicker smoothie that has strawberry type of scrumptious tartness against coconut, banana and that yummy underlying chocolate from cacao.

Besides high protein vegetarian meals and smoothies, the body can benefit from specialized nutrition from Splendid Spoon’s shots such as their Wellness Shot. As it hits the taste buds, this Wellness Shot is tart but does manage to get the body a kick start with its ginger, orange and lemon for added energy.

 Wellness Shots

Their Detox Shot is a darker green, but actually is quite tasty and on the sweeter side with its kale, apple juice, spirulina, apple juice, aloe juice, and moringa. It helps to flush out the body’s toxins.

Their Recovery Shot is red color with cherry juice, watermelon juice, beet juice, lemon juice, and ginger juice. This one is delicious while helping when recovering from sickness to relieving sore muscles due to how watermelon and cherries benefit muscles with beets improving blood flow to improve circulation during that process.

Splendid Spoon can be just what you and your family need to keep healthy with their high protein vegetarian meals. Their plans range from $65.00 for a weekly delivery of five smoothie choices. The second plan is $95.00 for a mixture of a weekly delivery of five smoothies and five soups or grain bowls. Then you also have the option of ordering, five smoothies, five bowls and one day of soup reset that has light soups for $135.00 per week. Right now is the perfect time to save $60 on your first three boxes of whatever plan you select to get started with this healthy meal delivery service from Splendid Spoon. However, this deal is a limited time offer for first time buyers.

Use my search box for other Splendid Spoon reviews such as their noodle bowls to get more insight of what they are like.

Why do you want to wait to do something nice for your family because these high protein vegetarian meals from Splendid Spoon show real love without glutens, artificial sweeteners and protein-packed as a thoughtful holiday gift?  


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