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Best Coffee Zodiac Girl

Finding a great coffee that delivers rich taste and is smooth without any bitterness can be a hit or miss type of proposition. In my opinion, the best coffee that I have tasted is what I have been savoring from Zodiac Girl Coffee. In fact, I was so taken with their Judge Blend that I already needed to get another bag to keep myself happy. Yet, I was also curious how an even darker deep dark roast blend such as the Zodiac Girl Phoenix variety would compare for this coffee addict so I also needed to try that one as well.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Phoenix is an African blend of rich dark roast. I ordered mine in whole beans to get the freshest flavor. Usually, I stay away from deep dark roast coffees because the ones that I have tasted were a bit too sharp and strong for my palate. By contrast, this one reminded me more of a delicious and full-flavored medium roast that you could have tasted in a coffee shop.

As much as the Phoenix blend has to offer, I still think the best coffee from Zodiac Girl Coffee is the Judge blend, which is a medium to dark roast. The reason that I can’t rave enough about this particular one is due to that delectable influence that the cocoa, fruits and nuts seem to contribute to still put this one over the top for me. Once that you taste it, you’ll understand why that I love it so.

Before cleaning your glass carafe, you can save those grinds to help cellulite with my homemade cellulite coffee scrub. It won’t make the problem disappear completely, but it certainly helps the appearance of some of that dimpled skin.

If you haven’t experienced any of the unique blends of Zodiac Girl Coffee, then I highly recommend a visit to the company’s website is in order. Seriously, you’ll find the best ones to start your day as well as finding great holiday gift options at a very reasonable price.


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