Coffee Gift Set Ideas From Zodiac Girl Coffee Can Warm Up Holidays

Coffee Gift Set New Moon Blend

The scent of fresh brewing coffee never ceases to attract my attention once its delicious aroma hits the air. If great tasting coffee is one of your vices or of others on your holiday gift shopping list, then I have some great suggestions with a few coffee gift set ideas from Zodiac Girl Coffee.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

The funny thing about these new coffee flavors that I sampled from Zodiac Girl Coffee is that both are dark roast blends. I usually stayed away from deeper roasted coffees such as espresso blends until experiencing this company’s coffees. Honestly, I am constantly amazed that the deeper blends in what they produce are what I am preferring to a typical breakfast blend that I normally would tend to buy. Maybe it has to do with the special chocolate, fruits, caramels, nuts, etc. that their beans get roasted with that compliments their beans to erase that bitterness that deeper roasts usually had to me in my opinion.

The New Moon Blend is one of Zodiac Girl Coffee’s latest blends, which is truly remarkable. No joke about this but even just touching the bag as you open it scents your hands with such deliciousness that lingers before you put the first pot on. This coffee has dark chocolate, cherry, a hint of smoke and I swear some caramel in there even though it is not mentioned. Maybe I am wrong, but my fingers were tempting targets to nibble on, smelling sweetly of caramel and cherry flavors.

The New Moon Blend coffee is dark roast and earned a special place in my heart now and another top favorite next to my first love of their Judge coffee. The flavor is so rich and yet smooth for how perfectly that chocolate along with the help of that cherry curbs any possibility of bitterness. The touch of smoke fits in to top it off like a bow dressing up the perfect gift.

The company also has another take on the New Moon Blend coffee called the Full Moon Blend. This is also calling to me. Imagine dark cherry, milk chocolate, tad of smoke, and caramel within the coffee mix brewing. I can almost taste that cup now.

Coffee Gift Set Warrior Blend

Another tasty Zodiac Girl Coffee that I tried lately was the Warrior Blend. This also was an incredible flavor and among my top favorites. It is a medium-dark roast that is on the order of the Judge blend that had toffee, caramel, chocolate, raisins, green apples, and cherries. The fruits with the candies make this coffee sing with such a vibrant note. In fact, I just had another cup when I took my morning break.

Coffee lovers would be thrilled with these unique coffees from Zodiac Girl Coffee. Besides just ordering by the bag, you can order a coffee gift set from Zodiac Girl Coffee. The New Moon and Full Moon Blends are just slightly more at $22 per 12 oz. bag and sold separately from the coffee gift set. This gift includes a 12oz. bag of your choice of coffee, a Zodiac mug and stainless steel coffee scoop to help brew the perfect pot of your java for $44 that includes USA free shipping. Take my advice, check Zodiac Girl Coffee’s website because you won’t be disappointed.

If you want something decadent to good with that perfect cup of coffee, try my coffee-almond bars recipe. For something not as rich, I also left you my favorite coffee crumb cake.


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