ErgoChair Pro+ Autonomous Review (Kinn Chair) for the Support You Need

ErgoChair Pro+ and Me Typing

Many of us sit all day at the computer to do our jobs. Unfortunately, it can take a toll on our bodies depending on the chair used with aches we don’t need that can leave us less productive. This is why a great ergonomic office chair can be so beneficial to get more work done to the best of our ability. Recently, I got to try the ErgoChair Pro+ from Autonomous, a leader in technological innovation and design for a smarter workplace for this review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

The ErgoChair Pro+ is the company’s top of the line and latest model of their ergonomic chairs. Besides all the customizing that you can do for support with this particular model, it also has a beautiful futuristic design and color options that can dress up your office at the same time. Those I was tempted to go with two tones of color, I stuck with traditional black with black mesh polyester covering over the heavy TPE plastic frame.

The ErgoChair Pro+ came in sections that needed assembled. The hardest part was forcing the back section together, which took some effort before we managed to get it together. However, the rest was fairly easy. All that was left was adding screws driving them in with the small allen wrench inside the box, attaching the base, and wheels. In fact, Autonomous has a YouTube video demonstrating the process besides the enclosed booklet or with online instructions.

ErgoChair Pro+ Back

This chair doesn’t come with the typical headrest, but features an adaptive headrest that follows your movements just like the responsive spring design in the back for wonderful spinal support. In addition, the seat doesn’t have foam padding but plastic rubbery sort of springs. The feel takes a bit to get used to, but it does also stimulate and gently moves as your derriere adjusts in the seat instead of just sitting flat.

In fact, this ErgoChair Pro+ meets the rigorous standards set by the BIFMA (Business and Institutional Furniture Manufacturer’s Association). This certification means that this model is truly engineered for ultimate healthy support and one less likely to cause the body injury. Furthermore, it also demonstrates a proven quality of the chair’s longer durability since it has measured to last at least five years or longer.

You also wouldn’t believe all the adjustments that you can with this Autonomous ErgoChair Pro+ besides the normal adjustments that you expect a computer chair to have. I’m referring to seat height at the bottom that can be adjusted between 17″ and 21″ and tilt lock just for starters. Big guys might have trouble fitting into some chairs, but the ErgoChair Pro+ has a lever to adjust the seat depth from 16″ to 19″ for more leg room.

The tilt/recline feature is wonderful. You turn the crank at the bottom clockwise to get more tension and a straighter position and then the opposite direction to recline as you desire. Once you find your comfortable spot or change back support, there is a multi-position tilt lock.

ErgoChair Pro+ Front

Something else that you normally can’t do with a lot of computer chairs is so many different ways that you can adjust the armrest from raising or lowering the height to their width. There is a little tab that you press that really helps, especially if you’re not the only using that chair.

Like I also mentioned, there is the option to go with the TPE plastic mesh without the material mesh covering for more of a cooling effect. But I really prefer the breathable mesh material because my body has the tendency to stick to leather, vinyl or plastic materials in summer.

I really love my new ErgoChair Pro+ from Autonomous ($699) for what it can do to help me continue writing longer during my average day at the computer. Seriously, if you’re searching for a new ergonomic chair with excellent back support for your home office, office or to gift someone that has a five-year guarantee tested by a third-party organization to receive special certification, then this could be the perfect chair choice for you. In fact, you can save 4% by using my coupon discount code 21MARY that lasts through 12/31/2021 at the company’s website during checkout.

Now I seriously need to get a better computer desk since I gave my guy my real computer desk when he had to start working from home. He needed a larger desk and during this pandemic it was difficult to get one sent in time. Since I am smaller, I parted with my old one. Nonetheless, I could really use one.


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