Hair Care Mistakes You Want to Stop Now and Fixes

Hair Care Mistakes
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The look of our hair can have us smiling or bursting into tears from what we see in our mirrors. Sometimes, we may not realize the hair care mistakes that we are creating a problem until finding the evidence for ourselves. Therefore, here is a better way to avoid those hair care mistakes just by adding a few simple fixes to your beauty routine.

How many of us find our hair all over the place from in our combs, the floor, the sink, etc.? Shedding hair is upsetting, but there are solutions to conquer this issue. Another way to keep more hair from falling out is changing how the hair is combed. Instead of trying to yank the tangles out of dry hair, we normally work the comb from the top of the head and down to the roots, which is another of these hair care mistakes. Being the case, try this tactic. This may sound strange, but take the comb and gently work your way up through those knots from the ends of the hair to the roots. Just changing that direction of the comb when the hair is being difficult like that can help you from pulling fewer strands from your head.

Many of us use hair color at home. If the color fades before you realize it, another of these hair care blunders can be something as simple as shampooing your hair too soon. The best thing to do is give fresh hair coloring at least 48 hours before washing it for the first time using a color-safe or sulfate-free shampoo.

In regard to hair coloring, something else to keep in mind is the timing of using a deep conditioner. Always save that step of turning to a rich conditioning treatment or hair mask prior to using hair color. The reason to be careful of its timing is because using just any type of deep conditioner can tend to dislodge those molecules of newly deposited color, especially if used the first two weeks after hair coloring. The only safe way for deep condition after hair coloring is making sure the product is a color-safe deep conditioning treatment.

Another of these hair care oversights for those that color their hair is thinking about the temperature of the water used when shampooing. The hotter the water, the more those hair cuticles are opened unlike more moderate warm and cooler temperatures. Unfortunately, the extreme heat makes the cuticles stay opened for more time, which allows the hair color to fade more easily.

Hair care wrongs also involve hot styling tools and the heat of our hair dyers. Every time we crank up the heat in order to finish styling sooner, we also can damage our hair. What is always a good idea is remembering to apply a thermal spray for that extra level of protection to keep the strands healthy. In addition, you can go a step further by investing in hot styling tools that give you a variety of heat settings suited to the thickness and more vulnerable fine hair. Look for ones such as 350 degrees for fragile hair to a bit hotter range of heat at 375 degrees for thick or normal hair can be a good idea.

Hair care mistakes need not happen. Hopefully, you will be able to avoid them in the future by incorporating these fixes into your hair care regime.



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    Great guide! Very helpful! There are so many things mentioned here that are important to keeping your hair healthy and shiny!

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