Happy Dreams and How to Have More of Them

Happy Dreams Woman Sleeping
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Our dreams often do not make any sense. Some of us can cry, talk in our sleep, giggle and smile peacefully during sleep. If you tend to have more sad dreams than happier ones and would love to change that, then there are techniques to induce happy dreams that can definitely set the mood to usher them in through lucid dream induction.

Unlike the first three stages of sleep where you can’t remember, true REM sleep is characterized by lots of rapid eye movement like blinking or the closed eyes moving in different directions. This is the time of sleep when the brain starts sending the mind visual images that are memorable. The interesting part is that this period to remember dreams lasts for about 10 minutes before the sleep cycle starts again. You might even wake up during it before drifting back to deeper sleep again.

Through the night, the REM stage becomes longer. You may think why should it be of concern to you. Well, this also is the period of time that the body does its repair work, fortifying the immune system as well as invigorating the brain for learning.

In fact, there has been fascinating research on encouraging lucid dreams. Though more studies need to be done, there is wonderful potential that could help give you more control over your dreams instead of those random ones, especially valuable for those that suffer from nightmares. Therefore, to encourage more pleasant dreams simply starts by focusing a lot of attention on a particular object, person or subject during the day that you hope to dream about later.

Imagine spending time with a loved dead relative doing something that always was fun and made you happy. If you concentrated on that memory in the day and later take it to bed with you, you might return to the past for a pleasant visit through happy dreams. This is not exact science, but it improves the odds of waking up happier over taking problems and stress to bed.

Another way to have good dreams is utilizing scents for aromatherapy benefits to send those needed blissful signals to the brain. Rose and lavender essential oil sprays can sweeten not only your pillow, but influence better emotional response from a calmer mind for evoking more pleasant dreams.

Relaxing with a glass of wine before bed seems to make sense. Despite it making you sleepy or giving you that stuffy nose, it does another thing by disrupting that REM sleep that you may be striving for. A better idea for timing that alcoholic beverage is drinking it a bit earlier during the evening or try the best bedtime snacks.

How many of us take problems or thoughts of unfinished work to bed? As you may guess, this can be the stuff of nightmares once drifting off. What else may be a better substitute is learning to meditate or just sharing those concerns with someone can help relieve some of that pressure to put the mind at ease.

Happy dreams may seem beyond your reach, but just by altering your state of mind may change all that for you. You also may find incorporating a sleeping plan into your night helps further.



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