How to Ease Into a Paperless Home Office for Less Clutter

Paperless Home Office Computer Setup

If you want to do yourself a favor and help the green effort, then easing away from all those paper statements and receipts and utilizing a paperless home office system can help simplify that storage hassle. Furthermore, you’ll also save from accumulating all that clutter that does tend to pile up as well as waste time sorting through just to find what you need.

As long as you have a computer and scanner at your fingertips, you are all set to transition into your own paperless home office. The first thing that you may want is turning to online bill-paying. You’ll get email confirmations once payment goes through.

Something else to think about regarding online bill-paying if late with a payment at times is opting for automatic payments. This can prevent those extra fees that you can be hit with.

Another way to cut down on those paper nightmares is scanning the receipts and documents electronically. Save them as pdfs and upload them to a special Thumb drive. When you need to have that information again, you can just pull it out and are good to go with all those important papers organized in one place, instead of sorting through that file cabinet or box or boxes of papers.

Paper coupons aren’t as prevalent as they once were. More companies are turning to online coupons, which are also great instead of clipping paper ones. One such website that you may want to check out is Coupon Chief.

Junk mail is something despised by mostly everyone. To cut down on that problem, you may want to register at the Direct Mail Marketing Association’s Consumer website.

Those credit card and insurance offers are always polluting our mailboxes. If you hate having them constantly showing up and only ending up in your trash, then may want to go to Registering there can get that type of junk mail away for five years. You can also take care of it permanently, but you’ll also have to sign and return a special form before that goes through.

Now that you whittled that huge mountain of paperwork down to ease into a paperless home office setup, you can bring out your shredder to safely destroy old paid bills and other printed statements.


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