A Tasty Way to Body Warmth Is Hot Sauce Heat

Hot Sauce Heat Fuego Box November 2021

The properties of capsaicin in hot peppers help the body’s internal furnace to fuel that extra heat, speed up the metabolism, strengthen immunity as well as enhance flavor. A delicious way to more body warmth as those temperatures continue to drop is through the heat of hot sauce such as Fuego Box November 2021.

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In the event that you still never sampled hot sauce heat from this hot sauce subscription, then let me better acquaint you with Fuego Box. The price per month for three extraordinary bottles of hot sauce is $29.95 with free United States shipping. A card is also included in the box with specifics on each sauce and ways to best enjoy it.

Adding hot sauce to your life has a lot to offer. Let me illustrate and I’ll tell you why I think so highly of hot sauce heat once you read what Fuego Box November 2021 had in store.

Starting off, there was Newks Smokey Chipotle. This was one incredible tasting hot sauce with medium heat with that underlying bit of sweet and smoke traveling through it from the chipotle and jalapeno peppers. This was a winner on my scrambled eggs.

Next, I found a bottle of Jah Mama Sauce. Though brimming with heat, this hot sauce has scotch bonnet peppers, chilies, mustard, dates, carrots, garlic, and some great spices to show off its Carribean flavor beautifully. This was very good on fish, but would be delicious on a lot of dishes you normally use it on.

Green Belly Foods put out Red Belly, a Guatemalan hot sauce. This one is a medium heat also with a delicious smoky chile pepper flavor along with roasted tomatoes and garlic for a perfect balance of savory heat. I loved this one on grilled cheese. It also was great on chicken.

Those hoping to take their taste buds into new territory with unique hot sauces won’t be disappointed with Fuego Box so visit the company’s website.


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