Affordable Holiday Gifts for Women by Vitabath She Would Adore

Holiday Gifts for Women by Vitabath

You can always count on Vitabath for coming out with some wonderful and very affordable bath and body holiday gifts for women at this time of year. The scents of their products can enchant, especially with the two new festive sweet scents to make you smell delicious and tempting enough to nibble on. Yet, I cannot neglect how luxurious these formulas are for the care of skin. Just wait until I fill you in on some of Vitabath’s yummy holiday gift options that can shop for at the company’s website or now at ULTA locations.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Before I am through with this review, you are probably going to long for dessert. Visualize candy canes and cherry vanilla and what that tastes like before adding a seductive hint of musk once it hits the air. This is the fragrance of the Vitabath Sweet Pink Peppermint Foaming Bath and Fizzies Set ($15.95). This set includes a 16.9 fl. oz. foaming bath and individually wrapped six bath fizzes that will delight her. There is also this scent in a bag of fizzies.

Holiday Gifts for Women Vitabath Foaming Bath

The second scent you need to experience directly is their Spiced Sugar Cookie. This reminds you of cookies baking in the oven, which is so delectable to use. Imagine vanilla and spice as it rises with hints of rum filling the air. Vitabath has this product in other hard to resist choices from a giant 38 fl. oz. bottle of foaming bath ($8.95), a bag of fizzies ($8.95) to the Spiced Sugar Cookies Foaming Bath & Fizzies Set ($15.95).

Winter is so brutal for the skin of our hands. Vitabath also has a set of three equally appealing hand creams in Sweet Pink Peppermint scent and Spiced Sugar Cookie for $14.95. You get two in the sweet pink peppermint and one of the spiced sugar cookie hand creams to remedy that dryness.

The luxurious formulas and joyous scents Vitabath features are one thing, but you also have to love how affordable their bath and body gifts for women and men are when making out your holiday gift list. My advice is to visit the company’s website or ULTA stores to buy.


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