Coco and Eve Review of That’s a Wrap Hair Bundle for Making Beautiful Hair Happen

Coco and Eve Hair Products

When Coco and Eve reached out to see if I cared to review some of their products, I was particularly interested in their That’s a Wrap Hair Bundle. The reason that this grouping resonated so strongly with me is because of the current condition of my dry hair and the specifics that came with this choice for coaxing beauty back to suffering hair. If your hair is also in need of some intense deep conditioning help, then let me tell me more about this hair bundle and my experience using it.

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This set of hair products with the That’s a Wrap Bundle from Coco and Eve contains three separate products with a 7.2 oz. large size Like a Virgin Hair Masque, a detangling brush with their Tangle Tamer and a Microfibre Towel Wrap. The towel wrap fits like a hood and can be buttoned to keep it secure, which is great for when you want longer conditioning such as giving yourself a bedtime treatment.

The Cocoa and Eve hair masque is sulfate free and has some ethically sourced ingredients such as coconut, fig extract, shea butter, argan oil, and linseed for addressing the dry, damaged hair problem.

Through my research I also discovered this Coco and Eve hair masque does have cetrimonium chloride, an ammonium compound which may give some concern regarding a risk to health, especially for those with asthma. At the same time, it is generally considered safe for rinse-off cosmetics in low levels. Nonetheless, it does beautify the hair very nicely.

How I used this masque was first shampooing my hair before gently towel drying it. Afterwards, I used their brush to budge the tangles from hair before smoothing a generous amount on. Then I used the detangler to distribute what I applied from the roots to the ends.

According to the directions from Coco and Eve, you can leave this hair masque on for about five to ten minutes before rinsing it out. If your hair is really in bad condition, you always can always wrap the microfibre towel wrap around your head and sleep with the hair masque before rinsing it out the next morning.

What I did was leave this hair masque on for about a half hour during my lunch break before rinsing. To be truthful, I was getting cold and didn’t want to sit with a wet head for too much longer. I thought this was more than enough time to give that Coco and Eve hair masque a chance to revive it.

After I finished drying and styling, I noticed how much healthier my hair looked. It had more gloss and softness without that dullness and harder feel that it had prior to using the Coco and Eve hair masque for this review.

You can find the That’s a Wrap Hair Bundle from this Coco and Eve review at the company’s website. Normally, this set sells for $67.80, but currently you can save using my BCK coupon code to get it for $47.50 so check it out.


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