Wonderful Peony Floral Street Gift Ideas Fragrance Lovers Would Adore

Wonderful Peony Floral Street

Wonderful Peony by Floral Street is a delightful fruity-floral that vegan fragrance lovers would love to receive this holiday season. This unisex scent was created in 2017 from the perfumer, Jerome Epinette, and is sure to thrill those lucky women and men you are buying for due to its sophisticated handling of notes that may surprise you in its beauty.

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My first impression of Floral Street Wonderful Peony is a bright, spirited fragrance with tropical fruit and berries joined by a delicate infusion of peony and violet with a delectable gourmand sweetness only to wind down with seductive woods and vetiver.

Though a bit tart with an underlying soft sweetness from fruity guava and lemon from the opening fragrance notes of blackcurrant, pink berries, and pink pepper the scent blooms with an intriguing hint of a sassy attitude.

As the this fragrance warms in the heart, it has subtle notes of violet and peony, showing its inviting, happy romantic side. You just can’t help feel taken in by its warmth and delicious sweetness from vanilla bean and pink candy floss along with raspberry flowers. Without effort, those yummy notes merging with that light touch of floral and fruit make the Floral Street Wonderful Peony hard to resist how divine this fragrance becomes.

By the time, this fragrance dries down with notes of cedarwood and vetiver, it is a haunting one that manages to linger in the mind as well as for how cozy it is as it wraps itself around you.

Floral Street Wonderful Peony is available in a variety of perfume spray options from 0.34 oz. ($30), the 1.7 oz. ($78) to the 3.4 oz. ($129). Another option is the gift set that features the 1.7 oz. perfume, 3.4 oz./ 100 ml body cream and matching 3.4 oz./ 100 ml body wash for ($105).

For those that can’t get enough of this fruity-floral fragrance in creamy forms, you can also buy the Floral Street Wonderful Peony Bath & Body Gift Set with their luxurious 6.8 oz. body cream and 6.8 oz. gel body wash for $40. However, do yourself a favor and visit the company’s website and order!


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