5 Easy Ways to Develop More Positive Thinking and Overcome Negative Thoughts

Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Samantha Garrote

Living through several years of this pandemic has changed our lives and not for the better. It has tested our strengths as well as failures in body and mind. As a result of the unvaccinated, new variations of covid-19 such as omicron will continue to spread and impact the return to our normal lives, economy, supply chain, and our mental states. This is why these five positive thinking tips are empowering and can help make a difference to overcome negative thoughts.

A perfect place to start is with some introspection. Ask yourself if you always expect the worst to happen? Reinforcing a negative belief only gives it strength over you. Why fuel that train of self-defeating thought because it is no more true than the reality you give it in your mind? Try giving yourself credit for imaging a better outcome of whatever the challenge is. Taking a positive approach is not always easy for a pessimist, but it may take practice to focus on a good outcome.

Making much out of nothing can cause fear, resentment, hopelessness or anger when there is no need. Instead, try to avoid twisting things around prematurely. After all, at times people can have a tendency to blow things out of proportion. Such problems alone are bad enough for anyone to handle, but worse when negativity dominates your thoughts.

Sometimes, it can be hard to smile, let alone to laugh at what is going on. However, another of these tips that can make a difference to improve your mental state is to find humor in the situation causing that stress. You just have to look hard enough.

Often people attempting to change how they handle negative emotions such as anger, sorrow or anxieties make a mistake by thinking burying those feelings will benefit their state of mind. Having said that, this is a bad approach because keeping those unresolved feelings locked inside only comes back later in the form of inflammation from proinflammatory cytokines in the brain. As an alternative, another suggestion that could help is by acknowledging those feelings and focusing on understanding the reasons for the problem and then using that energy more productively by looking inward to find a solution.

Still, you can’t dismiss the value of sleep and exercise for overcoming negativity. This is one of the best positive thinking tips to include in your life because those chemical changes in the brain can help replace destructive proteins causing inflammation that impacts health and irritability, sadness and anger with a calmer state of mind and better thinking.

Changes to adjust your way of thinking may not happen overnight. Nonetheless, every small step that you take utilizing these tips for positive thinking that I shared can lead you to a happier state of mind than you ever believed.


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