Galen Leather Bags Styling Up What You Carry

Modeling Galen Leather Bag

A great bag can change your outlook. What if I told you that I found the perfect handbag tote that has it all for truly remarkable handmade craftsmanship, quality leather, design that is not only functional, but stylish enough to wear as a handbag. If all that isn’t tempting enough, this tote bag sent for this review from Galen Leather is also very reasonable and appears durable enough to last for years. You may think that I am exaggerating on the merits of this bag, but I am totally in love with my new Galen Leather tote bags for so many reasons.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Most tote bags seem to be oversized in my opinion and geared for carrying lots of bulky items like a sweater, an umbrella, a book, a cell phone, a lunch bag, etc. However, Galen bags are roomy enough to carry what you need like that as well, but their bags at 16” x 12” x 5” with 12″ drop handles are the ideal size for doubling as a gorgeous handbag.

Inside Leather Bag

The leather alone is thick and a high grade 100% vegetable tanned cow leather that will age gracefully unlike the soft, buttery leathers that damage easily. You can also appreciate the handstitched detailing and the care that went into each Galen bag to distinguish this Turkish company from mass-produced ones.

Modeling Tan Bag

What else I love is the thought of design that went into Galen Leather tote bags. A lot of totes have a main giant compartment with one smaller inner pocket that may or may not be sectionalized. On the other hand, this company made the inside design more functional with two removable pockets that are sectionalized for loading up what you need instead of rooting through the bag, which is a sensational feature. Later, you just snap the inner pockets in. This bag also has a top snap magnetic closure to secure it.

As to the colors of these Galen bags, I received the Crazy Horse Tan and the Crazy Horse Forest Green. The Tan color is such a terrific neutral shade that can go with any outfit without worrying about clashing. It has a bit of red to the golden tan.

The Forest Green color is more stunning than you can imagine from how the color was rubbed in through the grain of the leather. This workmanship gives this company’s tote such artistry against the beautiful swirls ingrained in the leather against that deep green color.

Bottom of Green Tote

To keep the Galen tote bags protected, you also get a material storage bag. This is important to keep the leather in the best condition since leather needs to breathe. You also may want to read my earlier post on leather scratch repair to keep this bag gorgeous.

 Dust Bag

Unique to Galen is including a small token of Turkey with a packet of coffee and tea, which was special.

If you’re searching for a high quality leather bag or need a truly special gift, then I honestly suggest visiting the company’s website for these exceptional tote bags ($150) and browsing the other fine leather products at Galen Leather Company. Trust me, but even if your bag comes after Christmas since it’s traveling all the way from Turkey, the wait is worth it once that lucky someone touches the final product.


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