Sabrent SATA III Cable and Why It Has Merit

Sabrent SATA cable

I found a nice company that makes inexpensive cables that work wonderfully for me. Recently I added an internal hard drive to my computer and ran into a weird problem. The hard drive was the Western Digital 2 TB drive that we picked up at the local Best Buy. The installation was very simple but the only cable Best Buy gave caused some concern since it was a right angle SATA III cable. The salesman told me this would work and it actually did except for the fact the cable would have to stick up inside the case and would press against the side of the case. That seemed like eventually something would go wrong. Best Buy just had this one cable so I went home and checked computer cables on Amazon and found the Sabrent SATA cable.

I have to say that cheap cables can be scary. I picked up a used digital camera once and I didn’t know it would work. Of course, I needed a cable for it. Nikon sold their USB cable for $6 and I saw a new one on Ebay for $1 and that included shipping. I bought that less expensive cable and am still using it years later. Thus, cheap is no reflection of the quality of the product to automatically categorize it as bad.

The hard drive cable I bought was the Sabrent SATA III (6 Gbit/s) Straight Data Cable with Locking Latch for HDD/SSD/CD and DVD Drives (3 Pack – 20-Inch) on Amazon for $6.99 and I got three of them for the price of one cable from Best Buy. I bought it because this one went straight out instead of being at an angle and has been working well. The cable was easily routed and tucked away inside the case without obstructing anything.

Looking at Sabrent and what they make I was impressed. If their other products performed as well and were constructed with the same quality then I will definitely buy from them again! They have some great cases for external drives and their various USB cables look to be quality cables to fit all the unique situations I seem to come into contact with. And the USB 3.0 hub or their memory card readers and gadgets I will be buying soon.

I’ll let you know once I try something else from them. But I learned this habit from past experience buying hand tools. For years we would always spend more money on high quality and higher priced hand tools. But then I needed a special set of plyers and I thought why spend like $20 on a pair of plyers I will use for this one job and then toss in the tool box? In this instance, I picked one up at Harbor Freight, the home of cheap Chinese imported tools. It turns out we used those plyers all the time and they are still working. Then I started to think the pricey tools are Chinese imports too and both work just as well. Now I am not an electrician. I don’t build high end computers. So I won’t be hypnotized by the thought that if something costs more it must be better. Trust me, but that’s a fallacy.

Sabrent makes quality cables for one at an inexpensive price. They work well for me judging by my Sabrent SATA cable. Check out the company’s website. It can save you money too.


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