Tesalate Beach Towel and Why You Want It

Tesalate Beach Towel
This is the Flowerchild pattern.

One holiday gift that you may have overlooked due to thoughts of cold winter weather is a beach towel. However, a new one that offers sand-free comfort and dries in half the time of a regular beach towel may make the perfect stocking stuffer for that ocean lover or water sports fan. With this thought, let me tell you more about the Tesalate beach towel sent for this review and why it makes a great choice for those that love swimming and spending time at the beach.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

The Tesalate beach towel is lightweight and comes in a water absorbent carrying bag, which is a nice feature for transporting it back home after having fun in the water. This same storage bag also is wonderful to keep it ready until the next use.

If you want to see some artistic designs, Tesalate gives you from about 31 or so beautiful pattern choices to select from. I picked out the Flowerchild design, which is a dark and colorful pattern that is just as striking when I opened my package as it appears online at the company’s website.

You also have the option of two beach towel sizes with the standard one person towel measuring at 160cm x 80cm. This is about 63 inches x 31 ½ inches. The other size for two-people is approximately 63 inches x 63 inches.

Now I can’t personally say that the Tesalate beach towel keeps the sand away at this time of year where I am located. However, the material is a special fabric called AbsorbLite that has a unique feel unlike a bumpier texture towel. It is made of out 80% polyester and 20% polyamide. This one has more smoother bumps in the material without the typical loops of a regular beach towel.

I tried it for the first time just after a bath to test how quickly it absorbs water. It does seem to grab the moisture faster without leaving the towel as soggy as a few others I tried in the past.

The Tesalate beach towel does launder up well with cold water and line drying it as the company recommended.

My suggestion is to visit the company’s website for the Tesalate beach towel ($59) shared for this review. After all, we will have warm summer weather again before you know it and this gift will come in handy.


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