Why a Bath Vs Shower Can Offer More Health Benefits

Bath Vs Shower Bathing Woman
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There are some people that prefer a quick shower to save on time. Still, others like myself enjoy climbing into a tub for a leisurely soak. Regardless, both ways serve the same purpose of cleansing the body. However, a bath vs a shower can offer more health benefits in the long run that you may be missing.

For starters, immersing yourself for a while in a warm bath (about 90-100 degrees) and not one that is scalding hot where the skin turns lobster red is ideal. The reason you might want to try this is because it could help your heart. According to one study, a daily warm bath can help expand blood vessels and arteries for improved cardiac function. At the same time, this dilation also can lower blood pressure due to that change in how the blood flows to circulate through the body.

Another benefit is what lingering in a warm tub does for soothing sore muscles, tendons and joints suffering from inflammation. The reason to opt for a bath in place of a shower can provide more relief is due to how the heat moves the blood more optimally for better circulation for help with the aches and those stressed, tight muscles. In fact, you may also want to take advantage of my recipe for a great tranquility bath, which can do wonders.

What else that you need to take into account is a bath vs a shower can lead to falling asleep faster. Once emerging out of a warm tub, the body loses that excess heat from how the blood vessels have expanded. As a result, the body’s circadian rhythm changes from the hormones the brain released to calm and slow a heart rate and breathing.

Speaking of hormones, soaking in a long hot bath vs a shower can cause the brain to release its happy hormones with endorphins into the blood. You may assume standing in a hot shower can do the same thing, but it is the length of time in that water that contributes to this. Just as importantly, the tired muscles and the tension of the day soothe as well and add to that uplifted feeling of renewal and a brighter mood.

Something you also may not be aware of is that taking a bath instead of a shower after dinner may alter the handling of your blood sugar levels to keep the glucose level better regulated. There was an interesting study done in the United Kingdom on how it may help control Type 2 diabetes and possibly benefit weight loss.


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