Brighter, Healthier Skin: The Magic of Ferulic Acid

Ferulic Acid for Skin
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Ron Lach

A skin care ingredient that you may have overlooked is ferulic acid, which is a plant-based ingredient from foods such as ones like rice, oats, apple seeds, and peanuts. The reason you may want to give it more thought is due to its amazing natural antioxidants that can handle a variety of skin care issues if ferulic acid is present. Incorporating this phytochemical, especially in a vitamin C serum benefits your complexion in more ways than just one.

To begin with, this particular acid can help intensify anti-aging efforts because those potent antioxidants can better protect the integrity of the skin. Though it doesn’t actually repair skin damage, it helps the vitamin C or other star of the formula such as vitamin E, resveratrol or niacinamide by strengthening that line of defense from future free radicals and offsets the harm of the surrounding area where the damage occurred. As a result, the vitamin C stands a greater chance of its own antioxidants concentrating on repair work, brightening and utilizing its proteins for replenishing depleted collagen.

The rationale behind how ferulic acid revs up that brightening effect in such a vitamin C or niacinamide serum is because it manages to prevent melanin from darkening. Regardless if the form of ferulic acid is even manufactured in a lab to replicate the plant’s makeup, this helps to achieve more radiance and lightening the skin because it stops the release of that offending enzyme of tyrosinase that causes it.

This acid incorporated in a vitamin C serum can benefit those with acne as well. This desired result is possible because together they cause healthier cell turnover and keep damaged pores more open. At the same time, the ferulic acid is helping normalize that traumatized area while the vitamin C may assist fading and possibly healing certain types of scars.

Something else to keep in mind is that finding ferulic acid in a vitamin C serum formula also helps keep the formula more stable. Nonetheless, try avoiding ever buying a vitamin C serum is a clear glass bottle because light destroys its effectiveness. Instead, always opt for a dark amber colored bottle when shopping for the most success in keeping the formula from deteriorating. Speaking strength of the vitamin C serum that you would have the most luck with, I suggest one that is a 10% to 20% strength.

While ferulic acid has promising potential to speed up the beauty of skin, it also may irritate some people. The best thing that you can do is a patch test. Find a small spot on your face or behind the ear and apply a tiny amount first to see if any redness, rash or pain occurs.


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