6 Glossy Hair Secrets That Can Take Your Hair to New Heights of Brilliance

Glossy Hair
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Ketut Subiyanto

Why is it that having gleaming hair with a riveting shine can always manage to help us feel better about our appearance? If you’re searching for ways that can give your hair that extra advantage with healthy new brilliance, then here are six glossy hair secrets that can manage that feat for you.

To really rev up hair’s wattage, you might want to try a glossing treatment. Being that they have polymers in mostly water-soluble formulas, they can soften, condition and greatly enhance hair’s beauty in how the ingredients seal and nourish the strands such as with amodimethicone, (silicone), without weighing the hair down.

Apple cider vinegar is great to follow as a rinse after shampooing, especially for those with virgin hair. The reason this increases that gorgeous shine is due to its acetic acid. So what’s the big deal about this particular acid? Well, it lowers pH levels while it removes minerals that have accumulated in the hair from styling products. However, one of these glossy hair secrets is a new way to use it daily by adding to your hair conditioner. Try using one portion of apple cider vinegar to two portions of your daily hair conditioner every time you wash your hair. On the other hand, if you use hair coloring, then you just want to use that method once a week to safeguard the color even though there is only slight acidity to this vinegar.

You may be surprised at how much additional shine your hair could have simply by changing the type of hair spray you typically wear. Another of these glossy hair secrets is switching to a flexible-hold spray without alcohol in the formula. A flexible-hold hair spray can help brilliance since it is not as drying in the same way as one with alcohol that will draw more attention to frizz and rougher hair texture. Once you spray your dry hair with it and start brushing from the roots to the ends, the hair at the cuticle smooths to catch more light to appear shinier instead of being ruffled and damaged looking.

A shine destroyer is relying too much on dry shampoos. The problem with using this product to zap up excess oil in between your normal shampoos is they have ingredients such as starches or clays that also coat the hair with residue to dull the strands.

Keratin treatments could smooth the hair remarkably. Nonetheless, they also aren’t considered the healthiest way to maximize the gloss since they contain formaldehyde that may pose a risk for developing cancer. Something on this order that is considered safer is using glyoxylic acid, which may not produce that same glassy hair effect but a second best option. Just the same, there is still more research needed.

Ice cubes are yet another of these shiny hair secrets that can intensify brilliance. Try using an ice cube to run down the top layers of the hair. This simple tip helps seal the cuticles to bring on an incredible shine.

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  1. Heather!
    January 25, 2022 / 8:58 am

    Ice cubes?! Wow, that makes so much sense, but I’ve never heard that. Gotta love a basically free DIY, too! I already use ice on my face before makeup, so now I’ll just add it to that part of my routine, as well. 🙂

    • nuts4stuff
      January 26, 2022 / 7:43 am

      Try it because it really works!

  2. Shoshana M Kaiserman
    June 20, 2022 / 1:59 pm

    Castor oil works for my extremely dry curly hair.

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