Cooking Beans Creatively in Surprising New Ways

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If you want to get healthier, improve your figure and save money in your food budget, then cooking beans should be in your future. Loaded with amazing nutrients, full of protein, fiber, amino acids, antioxidants, folic acid (vitamin B9), and minerals, cooking dry beans or using canned beans have a lot to offer.

At the same time, cooking beans is great for helping to regulate blood sugar levels to keep blood glucose balanced. They also are ideal for gut health and keeping the digestive track running smoothly. How can you also not forget how they satisfy hunger to create that full stomach feeling to curb an appetite? Furthermore, beans are also linked to help with heart-related problems such as high cholesterol to lowering blood pressure.

With all that going for beans, here are some ideas for using them creatively other than adding a side dish or to your casseroles. In fact, you just may be surprised at all the additional ways to benefit from all that beans can contribute to your life.

Have you ever thought to add some cooked white beans such as navy beans to your smoothie? Add a cup along with some fresh fruit such as a banana and blueberries with a teaspoon of vanilla, and a dash of cinnamon, and some almond milk is delicious. In addition, you’ll be boosting the protein and fiber content in a creamy milkshake once processed in your blender or food processor. You can also use a teaspoon of creamy peanut butter or almond butter and eliminate the blueberries, which gives that drink a new twist.

As I mentioned earlier, I cook dry beans for homemade soups. Some people just like to add them to their chicken or beef soups, but I prefer making a roux with flour out of a lot of fried onions and celery for a thicker consistency soup almost like a chowder with lots of fresh vegetables. Other times, I make a thinner consistency with the same amount of vegetables. Either method, you also can take some of the soup and add to casseroles to purees to alter the flavor.

Cooked beans also make amazing dips to meatless sandwich spreads to protein-rich pasta sauces.

Homemade breads also can be fortified by cooking beans to incorporate into the recipe. You can add them to raised yeast dough to muffins for extra nutrition.

You also might be shocked how cooked beans can be incorporated in sweet treats as well. You can make a creamy bean pie or cookies.

Preparing beans really can improve the quality of your health, figure and wallet so give them a try!


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