Importance of Solitude and Why It Isn’t a Bad Thing

Importance of Solitude Woman Thinking
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How many of us can say that even without the physical presence of another individual that we are alone? Though we think that we are by ourselves, our solitude is often merely an illusion with our constant dependence of computers, phones, television, and radio that connects us to others. However, that sense of loneliness and spending some alone time in solitude is nothing to fear because of the importance it offers to steer our lives in a happier and more productive direction.

Many of us probably think to be alone at times can make you a loser. On the contrary, consider the importance of solitude as a free tool to tune up all the mind-numbing confusion caused by stress and uncertainty, blocking solutions. Spending some time alone without interference from the real world can help the mind take a break to finally relax and see fresh possibilities that may have been clouded over due to negative emotions.

Not to be overshadowed by how real solitude helps the mind relax, it also manages to help with physical symptoms of stress. You may lose the headache, feel blood pressure lowering or get rid of a stiff neck or sore muscles from all the tension you’re carrying around.

Solitude can also help spur creativity. Thoughts may just appear if you relax and try not to think of what you have to do next or will do later. Instead, try stretching out on your bed or sofa and close your eyes. Think of floating on a cloud helps me when blocked about what to write. After a while of just laying there with that peaceful thought, I start seeing mental images of what might work for a story. I don’t know how your mind works, but some of my best thoughts for writing come to me at night while trying to sleep. Keeping a notebook at your bedside to jot down creative ideas before forgetting them the next morning is useful.

Sometimes, many of us too often think we are always right. This is far from a good attitude that can endear you to others and keep relationships healthy. However, solitude can give you a chance to deeply reflect from what was said to personally change–that is if you are brave enough to see that you were wrong. The importance of solitude can help you become a better person: a better friend, a better lover, a better employee, a better parent, a better co-worker, a better wife, a better husband, etc.

The real importance of solitude is recognizing all of us need it at times. Navigating through the ups and downs of life is not always easy, fun or what you expect to live in the present. This is why alone time can help you figure things out to choose a new direction instead of just drifting.


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