Organic Chicken Wings for Life From ButcherBox

Organic Chicken Wings

Trying to keep you and your family in the best health possible through cold and flu season, let alone this pandemic, always helps by building up the body’s immune system. An excellent way to avoid compromising health is steering clear of meats and poultry loaded with growth hormones, antibiotics, artificial dyes, etc. As a #ButcherBoxPartner of this healthy meat subscription, I have sampled their quality and tasted the difference with their grass-fed beef and organic poultry to become a genuine fan. This is why I am excited to tell you about their latest one day only deal for new members that can bring three pounds of organic chicken wings in every order for the life of their ButcherBox membership.

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Instead of those thin grocery store chicken wings that could pass as bat wings that have mostly skin than meat, the ones I had from ButcherBox were plump more like a part of a drumstick. In fact, I took out my package of organic chicken wings to make a stockpot of chicken soup. To my surprise, I pulled out and counted a dozen wings from my soup from that one package with enough cooked chicken to make another dinner besides that soup for my family.

Trust me on this, but if you’re a fan of thick, succulent chicken wings that are superior and also come USDA certified organic, you really should think about signing up for a ButcherBox membership to take advantage of this one day deal.

Besides those free three pounds of organic chicken wings in every order for however long your subscription lasts, you can also have a choice between a curated box with four different meat combinations or a custom box.

Depending on the size of your family, you can also select the size of the box. The standard curated box has between 8-11 pounds of meat for $129 with the big box option for $238 that has between 16-22 pounds of food. The price of any Butcher Box subscription choices also provides free shipping.

You also may prefer the custom box to select the types of meat and cuts that you want such as steaks, chops, roast, sausages, etc. The standard custom box usually has 9-14 lbs. for $149 with the big box of 18-26 lbs. at $270.

Until you try a ButcherBox meat subscription, you honestly can’t know how much better and what value their grass-fed beef, organic poultry and humanely raised pork is. However, once you experience the ButcherBox difference, you will just love them. Therefore, do you and your family a favor and sign up because you won’t regret it.


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