Rosacea Makeup Tips to Best Reduce Facial Redness

Rosacea Makeup Older Woman

I do not have rosacea, but my mother does. Even though it is on the mild side, the facial redness is a problem that she struggled with concealing for years. Over that time, she eventually found what worked the best to reduce the redness and thought to share her most effective rosacea makeup tips with you just in case you’re in the same predicament.

Before you start thinking of applying any makeup, you want to examine the skin care ingredients that you wash and moisturize with. If you see a long list of ingredients, you want to swap that product for one with a minimal amount of ingredients. The reason this step is important is because you can be using a cleanser or moisturizer that can be setting the stage for facial redness. After all, your face can react to any of the ingredients so the simpler formula, the better since it can calm the skin and help you avoid chances of further irritation.

She found that you never want to neglect wearing a makeup primer if you are saddled with rosacea. Her advice is trying a green-tinted primer to counteract the red. However, she also turned to a primer with silicone on those days when her skin acted up and developed some bumps to its texture besides the redness, which gave her a better surface to apply makeup. Nonetheless, she liked to avoid the primer with silicone, if she could because not only did it have a lot more ingredients, but the silicone molecules are so tiny to embed themselves deeply into the pores. Later, she felt the need to exfoliate and sometimes that would further irritate her skin.

My mother was not one that liked to depend on makeup brushes, but eventually changed over to using them instead of her fingers. All that touching of her face through her makeup application seemed to increase the redness. Finally, I convinced her to try antibacterial charcoal brushes, which made a difference.

Another of the rosacea makeup secrets she discovered was gravitating more toward mineral makeup that had zinc oxide to protect from sun damage as well as organic makeup for some products.

One of the easiest rosacea makeup tricks she picked up was skipping wearing a blush. Her cheeks already had enough color that came through that she really didn’t miss it.

Dealing with rosacea is bad enough, but if you steer clear of foods that could make it worse and these tried and true makeup tips, you’ll find this skin issue a lot easier to live with.


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