Why Fuego Hot Sauce Box Can Help You Better Survive Winter

Fuego Hot Sauce Box

The lower temperatures drop, the more I count on hot sauce heat for extra help for its contribution of warmth and spicy flavor it lends to my favorite foods and recipes. Since the variety of unique hot pepper sauces is limited locally, the best way to experience distinctive flavors is through a hot sauce subscription box such as my favorite, Fuego Box.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

Supposing you still never sampled hot sauce heat from this hot sauce subscription box, then let me enlighten you about what to expect from Fuego Box. The price per month for three extraordinary bottles of hot sauce is $29.95 with free United States shipping. A card is also included in the box with specifics on each sauce and ways to best enjoy it.

It sounds tempting, am I right? Maybe not to all, but there are more reasons to appreciate hot sauce heat than you may give hot peppers credit for. After all, they have capsaicin for building up the immune system in this time of living through this endless pandemic. Also, capsaicin revs up the body’s metabolism to help burn more calories, which I am always happy with.

Now are you convinced why I am such as a hot sauce addict? If so, let me tell you about what I discovered in my latest Fuego Box for January 2022 so you can get your own fix.

To begin with, there was one from Jay’s Small Batch Hot Sauce called Bean. The taste was amazing with medium bright heat from jalapeno peppers and lime against black and pinto beans, vegetables, and right on target spicing. This is hot sauce that can be poured basically over anything or dress up a recipe.

Next, I sampled Danny Wood’s Jalapeno Cilantro Sauce from Torchbearer Sauces. This is a delicious jalapeno blend that is bursting with zesty flavor with medium heat and lots of garlic, onions as well as lime. This was very good on my scrambled eggs.

Last but not least, I got to try Death by Lemon from Andor Peppers. This is a thin, pale yellow-green hot sauce that packs lots of sweet heat from the recipe fermenting with pineapple and mango in a mix of aji limon peppers, onions, garlic, etc. Keep a tall glass of milk handy to cool down the tongue. However, it was delicious on my tuna patty.

My honest advice is to visit the company’s website and think about signing up. You have nothing much to lose, but more to gain. Give it a shot!


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