Handbag Essentials That Could Get You Out of Fix

Handbag Essentials

Each of us carries what we consider our own handbag essentials such as a phone, a wallet, keys, makeup bag, tissues, etc. However, there are a few extra things that you may want to think about adding just in case you’ll be better prepared in the event of an unexpected emergency. Given this, I gathered a few of my favorite handbag essentials that can help you out of a fix.

Whether you’re at the office, visiting friends or enjoying a romantic night out, then a wardrobe malfunction is something you don’t want to happen. Imagine the embarrassment if a button on your blouse kept popping open to have full view of your bra, or a bra strap could keep falling down or your hem could fall out, to breaking a pant zipper. Therefore, pack some safety pins and mini sewing kit or wardrobe tape is a good idea to correct those problems.

Speaking of wardrobe problems is having clothes stick to you like a second skin from static cling. If you want to eliminate this awkward situation trying to keep adjusting your dress or blouse, you simply need a small bottle of hand or body lotion to rub lightly over your slip, pantyhose or camisole. Honestly, this works just as well as any antistatic spray.

Tossing in a stain pen for your outfit can take very little room, but is another of these handbag essentials that can help treat an unfortunate food mishap that you may have had a lunch or dinner out.

Being stuck on the road at night after a long day or trying to fit your key in your door at night can make life miserable. Of course, you have the option of using your smart phone, which after a long day may need charging. Although your mobile phone can light up, the amount of illumination may not be sufficient to help deal with the problem. Relying on your phone also may drain a low battery completely so you can’t make calls out for help. However, a tactical flashlight or a keychain flashlight is built just for that purpose and provides tons more bright light power.

Have you ever needed a pair of scissors to clip a coupon or unexpectedly in need of a screwdriver that put you on a spot? No one wants to carry heavy tools with them, but a multitool that has several such items in one can really come in handy.

Another of these handbag essentials in my opinion is a car escape tool. It can act as a hammer for a window escape and a seat belt cutter if an accident where time matters for getting out safely. What you have to remember though are these car escape tools only work if you know what type of glass is in your vehicle so you know where the glass can be broken. There are two types of car glass with tempered glass usually in the rear and laminated glass on the front and side windows. According to AAA, you should find that information at the bottom corner of a side window. If you can’t find it, then you should call the car company of your model and find that information because it can save your life when you know the right place to pound.

A portable toothbrush set is just as important as hand sanitizer to deserve inclusion in this list of handbag essentials. Some of these sets come pre-loaded or with some toothpaste and mouthwash for healthy dental hygiene and fresh breath, which can only make you more pleasant to be around.

These are just a few handbag essentials that I am confident can make a difference to help you out. If you have more suggestions, then please share it here.


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