4 Healthy Eating Habits That Will Also Keep You Fit

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You may assume that you have healthy eating habits, but do you really when you look more closely at what you typically eat most days? Think of all the processed foods many of us consume that are loaded with sugars, bad fats and excess sodium. Some of those choices can be avoided if you cook meals from scratch while others may be harder to give up like your favorite salty or sweet snacks. Nevertheless, every healthier change to your daily diet does add up for the long-term such as adopting these four healthy eating habits for the improvement they can make.

There are some people that do their best to steer clear of eating enough fruits and vegetables. In case you are one that also likes to snub them, then you are missing important sources of valuable nutrition that includes vitamins, minerals and fiber that could better keep you fit and defend your body against diseases.

An easy way to ease into eating more fruits and vegetables is to start gradually incorporating them into a meal. For instance at breakfast, you may want to add some blueberries or stir in some applesauce to a bowl of a cooked oatmeal or just drop some strawberries or other berries in your dry cereal.

You can transform your lunch just by packing a banana, an apple or an orange to whatever sandwich or meal you bring for a healthy snack. Pocket sandwiches are excellent for sneaking in fresh vegetables along with cheese or meats or a nut butter. If you are dining out for lunch, try ordering a salad or using it as a side to whatever else you eat for that lunch choice.

A side dish of vegetables or a salad or even tossing vegetables into your recipe such as casseroles or stir frying to homemade soups can also help for a method to bring more fruits and vegetables into your day in order to get at least five servings.

You may want to learn how to use more herbs and spices in your cooking as another of these healthy eating habits that can make a big difference for health and fitness. You will be surprised at how trusting your instincts on pairing up varying spice and herb combinations can help cut down some of the sugar, salt and fat that you may have used in that recipe. A delicious trio is powdered cloves, coriander and thyme leaves on chicken, which may sound odd until you taste them together.

Another idea to improve eating habits is substituting low fat milk instead of whole milk. Skim milk is the best if you can tolerate it, but going with 1% or 2% fat content can still help and deliver all the same calcium, phosphorus, vitamins, and protein to keep your bones strong.

The final of these wholesome eating habits that I want to stress involves how often you eat. Eating every three to five hours is a better way to fuel your body than stretching your eating out. The reason it is so beneficial is because it keeps blood sugar steadier for more energy. In fact, it is better for your metabolism to speed up calorie burning.

What I shared here with just these four better eating habits are just a few basics, but enough to get you started for a better future and body.

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