Hot Sauce Review–Fuego Box February 2022 Knows How to Spice Up Flavor

Hot Sauce Review Fuego Hot Sauces

My February was off to a hot start with the arrival of my new Fuego Box hot sauce assortment. Fuego Box served up an enticing variety of spicy heat blends that delighted my palate for this month that provided exciting new flavors to share for this hot sauce review.

**Disclaimer:  This post has been compensated.  Opinions are solely mine. **

If you never thought much about a hot sauce subscription, then let me enlighten you about how a Fuego Box subscription works. For $29.95, you get three artisan hot sauces each month with free United States shipping. You also get a card about the sauces with suggested ways to best enjoy them.

You may believe that hot sauces taste pretty much the same. Ha! I hate to burst your bubble but they are as different as night and day. For example, let me acquaint you with Fuego Box February 2022 with the exciting differences to explore of hot sauce heat.

The first one in this hot sauce review that deserves your attention is Super Soft from Up All Night Gourmet Foods. This delivers a mild heat despite habanero and serrano peppers. This reason you tongue will still be intact is because it has red peppers throw in for a pleasant balance to savor that tomato, beer, garlic, and spices. This was good in my melted cheese for pouring over my nachos. You can use this one on anything that you pour hot sauce over.

Next, I tried the Thai Chili Hot Sauce from Barry’s. This had more fire to it with a medium heat to its tropical sweetness. It had mangos, coconuts, raisins, orange juice, pineapple among its other savory ingredients along with Thai chili peppers. This is especially great for dips and seafood like my salmon burger I made last night.

Finally, Fuego Box February 2022 had Ghost Hot Sauce from Chimney Sauces. This is another well done Asian sauce with a Caribbean flavor twist and smoky ghost peppers. I consider this one a medium sweet heat that tasted so good on my chicken. You can really use this one on eggs, fish or pretty much whatever you like hot sauce on.

If you haven’t tried a hot pepper sauce subscription yet but loved the idea based on this February 2022 review, but want to take your taste buds to new frontiers, then I suggest visiting the Fuego Box website. After all, tasting is believing!


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