How to Save Money Grocery Shopping Without Effort

 Grocery Shopping

Thanks to this pandemic and global supply or just from some companies raising prices because they can, the price of food like everything else keeps going up. Unfortunately, food is essential and not something that we can give up like buying other items. Therefore, it helps to cut some corners to better cope with these rising food prices. For this reason, I want to share how to save money grocery shopping without much effort.

Convenience foods are the easiest dishes to prepare, but they cost so much more than cooking meals or side dishes from scratch. For example, the price of a container of refrigerated mashed potatoes can cost around $3.99 to $5.49 the last time that I checked for a 24 oz. container. On the other hand, a 10 lb. bag of fresh potatoes can be had for around $3.99 or less. Of course, you have to peel, cook and then mash, but what is so complicated about that if you want to save more money on your food bill?

Some people depend on convenience foods because they may lack the strength or the inclination to cook due to age, health or the fact that they may live alone. Others may find convenience foods are necessary staples in their freezers due to time restraints, which is also understandable. However, many of us now work at home instead of the office so may also find more chance to start cooking in some cases in order to save money grocery shopping.

Grocery stores like to show off their luscious assortment of layer cakes, fancy cookies and pies in areas that you can’t miss as you stroll by with your grocery cart to tempt shoppers. I cannot understand the prices they charge for a package of six cookies compared to just baking. In fact, the ingredients will be healthier without preservatives, bad oils, etc. Regardless of how busy your schedule may be, the weekends are a good time to devote to baking. If baking is not your thing, try to make my homemade cake mix, which is so simple and will turn out a variety of cakes.

Making dinners from ground beef or ground turkey is economical. Instead, you may like to buy meat extenders such as products like Hamburger Helper when you can add healthier ingredients such as rice, beans, oatmeal, bulgur, grated vegetables such as some raw potatoes, grated carrots, zucchini, mushrooms, quinoa, lentils, cereals, textured soy protein to bread crumbs to save money grocery shopping.

Croutons and bread crumbs are something just as easily that you can make at home while making use of stale bread. Dry and slice into cubes before giving it a whirl in your food processor or blender to later store. You also may want to try my seasoned bread crumbs recipe, which are handy to have on hand for stuffing to casseroles.

These are just a few ideas of how to save more money grocery shopping that may help your budget out.


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