Persuasion Skills That Can Help Get What You Want More Easily

 Man and Woman Smiling Over Coffee with Persuasion Skills
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Ketut Subiyanto

Some people have a natural knack at always having the right words to get what they want from others seemingly without much effort. To me, this is a talent because being persuasive effortlessly without turning others off is an art. If you thought it would be impossible to learn, then here is how to tap into your hidden potential utilizing persuasion skills to get what you want from others more easily.

Being pushy like it is your given right to ask for that help never goes over well. If so, the request is being issued almost like a command to a subordinate instead of a family member like your husband, a wife, children, friends, etc. Share your reason and why this matters to you, but to that person as well is a more diplomatic way for how to get what you want more easily. When someone else has a stake in that result it is more persuasive because that person also may have something to lose or miss out on.

Facial expressions also play a part in tuning up your persuasion skills. There is a proverb that says you can catch more flies with honey than vinegar. So how does this tie into convincing others of what you need? Well, think of facial expressions for one when you ask for that help or favor? You may just come out with that request with a straight face or even a sour expression because it is not what you want to do. On the other hand, a friendly and hopeful genuine smile as you ask for their help goes a long way like that honey to attract better results. Pasting on a smile that you don’t feel is transparent and hardly convincing unless it is heartfelt to gain their cooperation.

You may have asked others to help with that request or problem and had no success. Though you may have a tendency to let it slip when questioned if another refused to help, it is better not to share that past failure. If you do, then you are only putting yourself in a bad position to hear more of the same. After all, why would the next person you ask want to help when you already gave an easy way out? Focus and concentrate on the present.

Something else that can give you an edge in regard for how to get what you want more easily is asking for that help over a cup of coffee. A friendly gesture can warm the atmosphere to help relax before you make your request. Being a stimulant, coffee can improve alertness, memory and mood, which can put you in a stronger position once you make that request.

Though this is far from everything on how to get what you want more easily from others, these few basic persuasion skills that I shared can better change the outcome of your future dealings with others.


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