Why Following Your Dreams Isn’t Such a Bad Thing

Following Your Dreams Woman Holding Money
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Karolina Grabowska

Have you ever wondered what your life might have been like if only you took another path by following your dreams? Yet, you never went through with aspirations and took the safer, practical route for one reason or another. However, deep inside can you say that you made the right choice and are truly happy? If you ever had this inner battle waging inside you, then here are some reasons why following them are important for a happier, fulfilled life.

Earning a living is important, but if you went into a career or job that you hate because it pays extremely well while missing the life that you always longed for, you are doing yourself a disservice. While you may be piling up a lot of money to your IRA and able to buy more major purchases or just accumulating new mountains of debt with new credit cards and higher limits, you also may be adding to your stress and ruining your general health from all your extra responsibilities that demands your time. In return, this choice could affect your relationships with the wife and family enough to gradually drift apart to the point that each of you, including your children are now living separate lives, but in the same home.

Of course, money is what can drive us. Following your dreams serves to motivate because striving for that job or goal is what excites us. You don’t consider working at a job you love in the same way that you do a job that only pays the bills. Instead, following your dreams can often make you work harder to make more money or prove people wrong about your riskier choice.

Sometimes, following your desires can take time to materialize. Only you will know in your heart how much that dream is worth pursuing and the length of time you devote to pursuing it. Nonetheless, you may find out that dream was just the necessary stepping stone to something else even better. What I am saying is at least you gave yourself the chance to explore what may be possible instead of piling up regrets of what may have been.

Following your dreams may appear foolish to some, but it can open up new possibilities for a brighter future that you may have not given yourself the opportunity to explore. After all, it can inspire you and be a reason to wake up instead of drag yourself to work.


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