How EFT Tapping Can Better Your Health Without Resorting to Drugs

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You may or may not be aware of EFT tapping to treat stress without the need of medication. However, this form of alternative treatment could just be the natural solution that may be the answer to calm anxiety to helping deal with emotional pain. What this involves is locating certain pressure points that the Chinese mapped out through acupuncture called meridians and stimulating them with the fingers instead of inserting needles in order to change energy flows to reroute signals to the brain for a more positive outlook.

Though this method of helping lower stress and depression may sound unconventional, there has been fascinating research on EFT tapping, otherwise known as an emotional freedom technique on veterans suffering posttraumatic stress disorder on the merit of its use. Further studies are still needed to explore what this technique also can do to help those with certain types of pain.

If you’re searching for additional drug-free help for emotional distress and are curious how to get started with this tapping, then I will lay it out for you as simply as possible. First, you need to pinpoint the problem. Although there may be several related issues, the first priority is to narrow down the trouble as to what is the worse. Channeling your energy toward that trouble allows you to stay focused instead of your thoughts rambling all over the place. After all, this technique combines both the body and the mind for it to be effective.

Next, you need to find a meridian point on your body. You may want to check out spots such as the top of the head, outside of the eye, between the inner eyebrow, the recessed area of the chin, the area about an inch below the collarbone, to a couple inches below the arm pit. These are just a few prime locations you may want to start exploring. Nonetheless, the spots on the head, especially at the crown area are particularly beneficial according to Chinese medicine, being a major hub for thinking and focus. Of course, you also have an option to seek out someone that practices this technique for help locating the best meridian points.

Before you begin the tapping, you need to adjust your mind set at the starting point at your inner wrist. Once you identified the meridian, you need to establish a breathing pattern before beginning the EFT tapping and uttering your mantra with a brief praise to heal. You can say something such as “I can get over this” or “It is going to get better.”

Take two fingers and repeat your mantra for as many times as you need to feel your breathing slow down from your anxious state. Afterwards, start at the top of your head and tap repeating that given mantra for about six times or so until moving to a new meridian down your face, the collarbone, etc.

This post is not intended to replace medical advice from your doctor. It is just to give you another avenue to explore with a natural self-care solution through EFT tapping that could be beneficial. Just keep in mind, you may not see instant results because this technique takes practice and patience. Nonetheless, it is worthwhile and one that could make you feel better than you may have thought.


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