How Manifestation Can Bring Dreams to Reality

Woman Writing in Journal Practicing Manifestation
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People often confuse wishful thinking with manifestation, but the two concepts are not the same. Though both involve focusing the mind on something that you want to happen or come to you, wishful thinking is less concrete since it lacks real belief. On the other hand, manifestation doesn’t diminish that desire about willing it or something to happen, only it means going a step further by taking actions to reinforce it. Given this, here is how to make manifestation work for you so you are more likely to get what you want instead of just relying on wishful thinking.

To begin with, you need to change how you think to become more positive. Instead of allowing doubts to tell you what is possible or not, you need to do more by concentrating on what actions it takes to bring you that much closer to the goal.

Utilizing it requires believing in yourself and keeping that foremost in your mind despite obstacles that come your way through your efforts. In fact, consider those obstacles tests that you may need to pass because they serve to strengthen your will while you continue bringing that goal to life. The important thing to remember is to keep reminding yourself yes that you can do it and leave those doubts about failure at the door.

The Steps of Manifestation

Starting off, you want to pinpoint that future goal precisely. Get detailed about it and flesh it out to give it substance. If you find narrowing in on it too hard, then start writing what you’re trying to achieve down, being as descriptive as possible.

Sometimes, it helps to divide up your life into categories such as family, money, career, etc. and then work from there to focus on what your goal is in each that you want to achieve within a certain period of time. To illustrate, you may want to move to a new home within six months. This would call for you to line up all you need to do to make that happen such as how you intend to move from your present location. Do you have to sell a house or get out of a lease? How do you plan to move your possessions? Have you thought of different locations and what they offer or not for your commute, schools, shopping, etc.? How do you plan on getting rid of your excess stuff through donations, garage sales or storage? These are just a few ideas that can make this goal easier to accomplish.

Another useful trick is getting a bulletin board to pin photos or clippings that can remind you of that specific goal. If that goal is that new house, then start digging through magazines and pinning photos of the styles and rooms of the designs you see yourself in. In the same manner, it could be something else such as striving for a promotion in your job. Try pinning any career achievements to brochures for a class as well as your photo that could help further the skills you could contribute to that employer. Pictures help prompt the mind and keep that vision alive.

Wishful thinking is one thing, but manifestations that accompany those thoughts for defining your goals with actions are what it takes to help those dreams and goals take shape into reality.


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