Unleash Your Superpower: How Sensitivity Makes You Strong

How to Use Sensitivity As a Strength Couple Tugging Rope in Test of Strength
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If you react from your emotions too quickly, there are some that would consider that response a weakness. However, expressing such a display of sensitivity is not something to feel ashamed of since it only demonstrates how deeply you feel and relate to others and the world around you. Instead of being criticized for being so emotional, here is how sensitivity is a strength and sign of compassion that also can be a gift.

Depending on how you were raised, you may have adopted or picked up habits of how your family behaved when something bad happened. Perhaps, you learned to channel anger and frustration internally because expressing the pent up rage through words, screaming or just hitting an object was considered wrong and unthinkable. As a result, you may have felt more resentful and judgmental about your failures and shortcomings, blaming yourself while carrying around this negative emotional baggage.

Of course, you may have been completely opposite and released those emotions externally through shouting, crying, arguing until you got those feelings out of your system. Though this coping mechanism is good to purge harbored pain from within, it can cripple you as well if you’re unable to move on and work your way through it.

Either of the ways you reacted to deal with those negative feelings also had another effect since it hid them below the surface. What you’re left with is blaming yourself more for what just happened and become angrier at yourself.

In introspect, you may have also discovered something else about yourself to stand up for justice or humanity that brought such strong emotions out. In other words, it also shows that you are a remarkable observer and critical thinker of the world around you. It demonstrates that you may be able to handle adversity better than some other personalities and possess the ability to form creative solutions.

The explanation may be somewhat confusing, but sensitivity can be a gift when used correctly. This is because you have the capacity to feel so deeply with what others are also going through instead of detaching yourself as a cool observer. This proves you have empathy and awareness that could both be stronger when put to the test, which could be beneficial to yourself and humanity.

Overly sensitive individuals also may be more intuitive than the rest of the population from how early that you pick up on things. Having a gut feeling can be useful and a strength for examining a problem or potential situation.

How can I forget that this heightened form of the emotion can exhibit real passion in pursuits, relationships and issues. It is that drive and creative intensity to move ahead and excel in work, life and tackling issues. Due to all that energy within, this force of this emotion could eliminate fear and apprehension even if the situation called for it, which once again can be a strength.

When you sum it all up, sensitivity is not a flaw in your character. The trick is to learn how to use sensitivity as a strength to help yourself and the world around you.


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