Learning the Art of Letting Go and How to Use It to Reduce Stress

Woman with Balloon for Art of Letting Go
Photo Courtesy of Pexels – Ketut Subiyanto

The mind has great difficulty letting go of painful experiences. Unfortunately, we often make it a habit to fixate on those negative emotions trying to rationalize why the problem happened and how to correct it. As a result, these negative experiences leave us questioning ourselves due too more uncertainly to instilling fear in our minds about repeating similar experiences in the future. This is why learning the art of letting go is so important for banishing those demons and moving ahead.

Though all of us handle stressful situations differently, it still affects us the same way in the toll it takes on our minds and health. Starting by noticing how your body reacts when thinking about that painful problem that you can’t shake is an art and reason for letting go. Some people may unintentionally tend to grit their teeth in response to that pent up anger, narrow their brow or frown, or perhaps, find difficulty in swallowing if you happen to meet up with that ex-boyfriend or co-worker that got the promotion you believed was rightfully yours or another just have your eyes water up at the thought.

Therefore, it helps to recognize when your body is responding in those harmful ways and learning to adapt to that behavior. It may sound impossible, but the moment that you start feeling stressed and anxious is the time to concentrate on breathing. What helps are taking a few deep breaths and focus on inhaling and then exhaling, which calms tense muscles.

Relax your shoulders, roll them back a bit and then improve your posture can do wonders as well. Equally important, force yourself if you must to replace those down-turned corners of your mouth with a more peaceful expression or even a small smile if you can manage it. To let go of that negativity involves replicating what you want to feel first with your body and it eventually becomes a reality from how it influences the mind. You may not see or believe this, but these initial changes that you attempt to do act like a catalyst to alter your mindset once you employ them.

For clarity’s sake, I am not saying that you are meant to act like a robot without feelings. On the contrary, you should remember the situation, only you need a proper place to store it in your mind. If you fail to do this, then you are constantly stuck in the muck of your pain unable to crawl out while you could have moved forward.

Once you master the art of learning how to let go, you can improve your health and problem solving abilities to stay on top of life.

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